Friday, September 21, 2007

Move On ad is truthful and appropriate!!!

Anyone who presents, hand picked inaccurate information from the president as his own with the only intention of continuing the failed occupation that is Iraq has intentionally put himself into a political position that betrays the truth, Congress, the troops beneath him, and his oath. Bush and Petraeus are the ones who owe the American public an apology followed by resignations.

Supporting the misguided Bush Administration has nothing to do with supporting the troops. The Republican party has made it very plain to every person that has served in the military, is currently serving in the military or ever will serve in the military that no act of heroism for your country or act of heroism for your home or act of heroism for your brothers and sisters in arms is worth ‘a hill of beans’ unless you submit to a particular agenda masquerading as conservative Republican.

The sad thing is they’ve made very clear to any soldiers, airman, seaman, or marines that may have been tempted to tell the American people the truth, whether it’s about the war, lack of proper military equipment, or their own mistreatment through sub-par states-side medical treatment, to keep they’re mouths shut except when regurgitating the Neoconservative talking points because they’re testimony is worthless and threatening to the Bush administrations public image.

Info on Petraeus or Betray us?" ad in The New York Times

Betrayal of Trust

Free speech is under attack in this land that once cherished it so deeply. The whole nation is a free speech zone. Loving your country also means loving its constitution.

Amendment 1
Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press, or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

These are the Democratic Senators who have shamed themselves by voting against this long cherished amendment but by also allowing themselves to be bullied by Republican intimidation.

Baucus, Bayh, Cardin, Carper, Casey, Conrad, Dorgan, Feinstein, Johnson, Klobuchar, Kohl, Landrieu, Leahy, Lieberman, Lincoln, McCaskill, Mikulski, Nelson, Nelson, Pryor, Salazar, Tester, Webb

Political correctness is more a comical myth among liberals than truth and where it does exists its about showing respect to those different than us. But, it’s become a frightening reality among the growingly fascist right. The deviants in the dark bowels of the Republican Party along with their media propagandists have taken this notion of political correctness to issues of importance to the American people in order to belittle them or to put pressure on anyone even beginning to entertain any idea that is not Neocon acceptable. True political correctness exist within the ‘you’re either with us or against us’ right wing of the conservative end of the Republican Party. Qualifications matter little to this group compared to strict party loyalty down to accepting every single party principle of the moment. It is not possible to say something is, for example, truly blue when party loyalty demands it to be red.

A more articulate voice…

“When history is written, Iraq will look just like a comma.”
Zed Jones Unit
To the chicken hawk red 25-30%
It seems your reluctance to “stand up” for freedom and righteousness within your own country and its policies is based on fear.
The fear is understandable; to willing stand up against power, when all you want is security. As long as you can have your lifestyle and be comfortable in your homes and feel nice and safe until you die you’re willing to have ‘Big Brother’ take care of you from ‘cradle to grave’. ‘From cradle to grave’ your willing to sell out your children’s and grandchildren’s future liberty, national assets and climate in order ‘to keep things just the way they are’, to feel secure in your finances and lifestyle.
You’re willing to give up freely what others, who came before you worked, suffered and died for. Why, because you’re afraid of the boogie man from the Middle East who has the strange religion and frightening ways. You’re willing to throw it all away because of fear mixed with a healthy dose of ignorance and a smattering of hate. No amount of evidence can convince you seriously misguided adherents of anything Bush that you are willing victims of propaganda and lies.
You don’t realize you have foolishly surrendered your loyalty to a man. You’re too blind to see you are denying your faithfulness to what you so proudly proclaim as God and country. You are swept up by the passion of conflict and follow along aimlessly, duped into following because of your own voluntary ignorance and fear of going against what seems popular with your peers causing you to halt any questions you may have floating around in your conscience.
Woe to those whose spirit compels them to speak against the flood of popular vengeance. The desire to strike back against a foe is so strong anyone trying to quell the rising tsunami of violence is flooded with anger, revulsion and distrust. The courage it takes to express legitimate descent is ignored as is their deep felt loyalty and patriotism. Throughout history their lot has been plagued with torture, exile and death.
Everyone who interferes is perceived as being less than loyal and you’re willing to destroy them to keep yourselves feeling safe and secure.
You’re asking a small group of others to bare the burden of making you feel safe and secure. Your only contribution is to feign support by flying the flag in front of your home or placing the yellow ribbon on your car. When I see it there I wonder what's truly in your head and whether you are only flying it because you have been possessed by extreme right wing nonsense willingly voiding your brain of any idea of what the flag really stands for. Our fathers and grandfathers fought under this flag in WWII defeating fascism in Europe. They were truly supported by sacrifices from everyone at home; industry included.
Fascism has been disaster in every country it has existed in and ours would be no exception. You people who have welcomed this filthy ideology have disgraced our flag, our forefather’s sacrifices and the very dust of their bones.
If you love your country, 'Speak truth to power!'
Move On
JFK Speech on Secrecy and Freedom of Speech

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