Thursday, September 17, 2009

Rush inflames old hatreds

Limbaugh: We need segregated buses

I grew up on the west end of Belleville and graduated from Belleville West High School.

I've never seen a fight that didn't draw a crowd of cheering kids. They were always white kids because there were less than a handful of blacks in the town. I grew up in a racist environment centered on a fear of the predominately African American community of East St' Louis moving up Edgemont hill into our town. That underlying prejudice still exists among the older population of the community. I haven't been there in 14 years but I would suspect that those feelings are less, like everywhere else, among young people.

Here in Spokane it doesn't take very much motivation for fists to start flying, if that's a common trend, across this country, that's the reason why it was so necessary for a fight to start over a seat.

Hate merchant, Rush and others are trying to inflame the old feelings of animosity and racism that this nation struggled so hard to climb out of.

Steele's support for Rep. Wilson's rude outburst toward the president along with the hatred from the right is shocking.

Steele knew that man’s background. He knew what he meant.

Racist actions and talk MUST always be challenged!

What did Steele do? What did he stand for?

It seems as though he has placed loyalty to party above all else.
Bloody Sunday

Pro-Segregation Riots Draw Federal Troops

The Battle for Ole Miss - Part 1


The Battle for Ole Miss - Part 2

This is why the angry south, and those of like minds went Republican. Like it was sad and shameful then, it is now.

For the right wing conservatives to say it's not about race and that it's only a few extremists isn't true. To silently tolerate racists speech and actions within your midst is the same as participating in that hatred.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The GOP and right-wing racist nuts

Rachel Maddow - right-wing nuts

Rachel Maddow - 9-12 - health


Many thought that Reagan was the death of liberalism. But it wasn't, because progressives kept fighting for all the causes that were important to it. We made a resurgence towards the end of Bush41 and struggled to stay alive throughout the Clinton administration.

The vile language of the 'hate everyone who is not like us' conservatives brought them back to life leading to the incredibly destructive Neoconservative dominated Bush43 crowd. The far-right fascist-leaning Neocon embracing conservatives will not let up. They will constantly attack a Democratic government as being the enemy.

These fiends aren't going away. I wouldn't be honest if I didn't say all this is more than a little bit frightening. I've been convinced that at the minimum these guys are playing with fascism. I'm even more convinced, since they are intentionally raising the level of hatred by equating President Obama as the enemy of the United States, that America is dead and other incredibly dangerous talk, that I feel, has crossed the line into sedition, if not treason, at least for all those who suggest the death of the president.

It has already been well established that the Neoconservative dominated Cheney/Bush administration were fascist wanna-bees. All totalitarian oriented societies or political parties whether they've achieved complete power or not, need, no must have, a propaganda arm. Fox and reactionary radio are that arm.

Their job is to take a spin on the truth, a distortion of it or an outright lie and paint it as the most pro-American or pro-Christian point of view for anyone who loves America to hold. Their very good at playing on peoples prejudices and weaknesses. In other words they are very gifted at getting people to believe what isn't true with gusto.

The sad thing is they have no idea it's all being used against them and that the propagandists have no love or respect for those who they fool. It's absolutely amazing for those of us who have been fortunately immune from this vileness to watch their effect on their mesmerized adherents. The word or phrase of the moment that encapsulates Neocon ideas or concepts are universally parroted by the blind sheep. There's no amount of facts, proof or evidence that can deter them from their hypnotic trance.

This same group screams about the liberal press but that same press, much of which is corporate controlled, does little to expose the distortions and lies of the Conservative right. Too often, truth is treated as opinion. To their credit they do the right thing now and then but, they play ball far, too often, with the far right and corporate goons.

The propagandists have a back-up for when the press actually do their jobs; it's called 'distrust'. They have all made it very clear to their hypnotic audience that the truth comes only from them.

No one else is to be believed.

We hold the true truth.

It's dangerous to listen to them.

We are the truth.


Countdown - right wing racism

Rapping Joe’s Knuckles

Published: September 15, 2009