Saturday, February 28, 2009

Terror from CPAC

Joe the Plumber Conservative Republican spokesman

When I first decided to use the word fascist when describing Bush/Cheney and their Neoconservative alliance, I agonized over using the term. I didn't want it to be just some flipant remark thrown around as so many other terms, like communist, socialist or illegal gay alien Marxist from space.

I've used fascist-like, fascist wannabes and playing with fascism. I may have been most correct when I stated that future historians and political scientist would come up with a more appropriate name later on, but, for us, for now, fascism was close enough.

As angry as we get, even at our most exuberant, impeach and try for war crimes moments, I don't believe anyone, except for a smattering of isolated nuts, referred to the other party as the enemy. Yet that has been a constant rallying cry among the Conservative Right.

McConnell On Rush Limbaugh

With good reason,they, with their bellicose rhetoric, easily parroted by semi-conscious believers and charlatans alike, voicing their narrow-minded dogma, frighten me.

They need to become as politically and socially irrelevant as the hood wearing cross burners of the South, and taken about as seriously.

CPAC: Obama's a Communist and a Foreigner

CPAC 2009: Wingnut Inmates Take over the Conservative Asylum

Keith Olbermann - Reinventing the GOP

"I Do Want Obama to Fail" - Rush Limbaugh 02/28/09 at CPAC

from Crooks and Liars...
Rush Limbaugh's message to the nation: Liberalism is a 'psychosis'

from Huffington Post...
Rahm On Rush: He's The Voice, Energy And Intellect Of The GOP

from Think Progress...
Ziegler: Conservatives Who Criticized Palin Are ‘Traitors’ Who Should Be ‘Ostracized And Punished’

Eric Cantor Tries To Distance Himself From Rush: ‘I Don’t Think Anyone Wants Anything To Fail’

I'm Sorry Rush!

previously on Rush...

A disturbing video from the ditto king courtesy of Media Matters. The link below, also from them, should be checked out. You might just want to go ahead and do that if you find him as repulsive as I do. Sorry for any upset stomachs.

Limbaugh on Obama: "I hope he fails"
I have been fed-up with Rush for a long time, along with the rest of his fascist-like cohorts and blind parroters. They are not loyal to this nation, because they are only interested in an extreme right-wing version of the GOP. These guys were the main propaganda machine for Bush. Now they are still ding it for conservative extremism.

People like the pig above have referred to Democrats as un-American traitors and the enemy within. Now that we're in power Rush and company still refer to us this way.

He is arguing for the failure of the American president resulting in the failure of the US. Limbaugh is a demonstrated racist who is more interested in the politics of fascist leaning political goals than the success of our country. He calls us enemies, including our new president, while using lie laden propaganda to foment distrust and hatred toward Obama, his executive branch and Congress.

And what is their main instrument of sedition? It' a favorite. FEAR - of ideas, cultures, that others will change what those around you believe or leave you with less than you now have, which leads to a kind of selfishness that seeks to justify the subjugation of others and causes a dehumanizing hate as its authority.The dangerous thing is that fear is a great motivating force for violence. I'm beginning to believe, for them, this would be a desired result.

Yes, Limbaugh wants evil to fall on our land. It's obvious, now, that all of the GOP leadership agree, by lock-stepping their fellow members, behind Rush and his ilk, on the road of obstructionism and blocking legislation.

The doctor needs a doctor to help him with his shrinkage problem.

After all the meetings President Obama held with GOP leadership, demonstrating a bipartisan effort, non-existent in the previous administration, and bending over backwards to address their concerns, every one of them voted 'NO'. They're claiming to do the same in the Senate regardless of the damage to America.

The Republicans, with Bush/Cheney, brought the country into horrendous times. They're trying to justify what they did by trying to force their rejected ideas on an unwilling America, even if they have to bring her to her knees to do it.

from the Daily Show

If the GOP is going to do nothing put obstruct and block, on the issues we voted for Obama to tackle, it's time to actually use the 'Nuclear Option' that the up-or-down vote crowd threatened the Dems.

Not only are they more than willing to be the party of the top one percent they're happy to be the party of torture and human rights violators.

Torture Lover John Yoo Excoriates Obama For Banning Torture

.Yoo: Bush okayed torture to outwit defense lawyers

O’Reilly and Miller announce new ‘business partnership’: ‘Waterboarding World

Fox & Friends hosts, Beck cite fictional congressional testimony by 24's "Jack Bauer" in defense of torture

Bush System


Friday, February 27, 2009

no fun

Emergency room bound. The doctor thinks my liver may be bleeding. I woke up with this enormous bruise on my lower right side and a nice little water balloon-like sack.

Success! I'm home.

The little bag on my side is old blood. No organ damage or active internal bleeding. Oh! I do have five broken ribs but there all in place.

The only thing I'm worried about now is that the emergency room was packed with people, young to old, who appeared to be suffering from flu-like symptoms. I guess I could put up with the flu as long as it doesn't make me sneeze.

There's many urgent care facilities, 'doc-in-the-box', scattered all over town. The one I went to, before being sent to the hospital, was empty. They don't take all insurance so maybe that's the reason for their apparent under use. I thought they existed to take the load off the emergency rooms. Something needs to be fixed there.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

more on torture

I'm still in a lot of pain. Sitting over this keyboard hurts like hell. I've been wanting to do more on torture, prisons and the Obama administration. Here's a rough star of what I was working on before I was injured......

You people who have welcomed this filthy practice of torture have disgraced our flag, our ancestors' sacrifices and the dust of their bones. This is a war crime and all those involved should be prosecuted all the way up to the head torturer in chief, George W. Bush, a traitor to ‘mom apple pie and the American way’.

Torture Documents Released Under FOIA

Rachael Maddow did a great job of highlighting torture on her program last night. Hats off to Neely.

from The UC Davis Center for the Study of Human Rights in the Americas (CSHRA)
Testimony of Spc. Brandon Neely

Why can't this be solved tomorrow?

Ali Saleh Kahlah al-Marri, Qatari student

Document - USA: Incommunicado detention/detention without charge/legal concern, Ali-Saleh Kahlah al-Marri (m)

Whitehall devised torture policy for terror detainees

MI5 interrogations in Pakistan agreed by lawyers and government

Randi Rhodes: Time to investigate the Bush administration

I put the above video on just because it was nice to hear her. But, you know she's right.

There's been some friction about releasing Bush/Cheney era emails. I suspect that has to do with presidential power, but it flies in the face of openness.

He unequivocally pronounces that the "United States does not torture". Welcome, long desired words to the credit of the man. Some abuses continue. President Obama needs to put on his 'Commander in Chief hat and insure that those serving under him perform as he has determined they should.

There's also a question as to whether prisoners (Bush's detainees) in Iraq and Afghanistan should have access to American courts.

The Obama administration says that they do not.

If they are prisoners of war handled properly under the Geneva Convention and allowed Red Cross visits, no; if on the other hand they suffered under Bush/Cheney rules of imprisonment, YES.

Senate to announce investigation of torture under Bush, senators say


Thursday, February 19, 2009

Can't fart, belch, cough, or sneeze and don't even make me laugh

I have been struggling a bit with MS and the challenges of the season, but now I've fallen causing a busted rib or two or three. Definitely, Definitely, a distraction. But I shall endevour to percevere.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

McMorris-Rodgers & GOP - Bad----- Dems & Stimulus - Good

The GOP and their organ grinder radio people continue to deny Bush involvement in the train-wreck of an economy he dumped on America. Bad loans were emboldened by Republican 'W' encouraged policy.

Home Ownership and President Bush

McMorris Rodgers on Fox News After Stimulus Vote

Her right-wing-wacko voting record
doesn't serve her district very well. We have six hospitals here in Spokane that serve the whole inland Northwest area, in addition to having the highest incidence of MS in the nation, second only to an island off the coast of Wales, in the world. Poverty or near poverty is high here. She is not serving the needs of either of these groups among others.
But, she does cater to the Rush following GOP and all their failed ideas.

This was part of an email I received from NETWORK ...

We hope that as you contact your members of Congress you will use this information to support or challenge them on their vote. To find out how your representative and senators voted, go to . You can enter your zip code or click on the final conference report vote for H.R.1.

Supported and achieved

Job creation
Job creation is a part of each provision included.
Head start and early head start
$ 2.1 billion - provides 50,000 additional jobs for teachers and staff
Job training for all skill levels
$ 3.95 billion under Workforce Investment Act
$ .25 billion for Job Corps
Unemployment Insurance
$27 billion for extension and increase in benefits
"Greening" of our nation
$ 11 billion - Smart Electric Grid
$ 2.3 billion for energy-efficient renovations of HUD units
$ 5 billion for Weatherization Assistance Program
$ .5 billion for energy efficiency upgrades for Native American housing programs
$ .1 billion for lead-based paint removal
$ 20 billion energy tax credits
$ 9.3 billion for mass transit
$ 1.6 billion for Amtrak intercity rail services - emphasis on high-speed
Safety net programs
$ 4 billion for HUD Capital Fund
$ 2.3 billion for the HOME Program
$ 1.5 billion in Neighborhood Stabilization Program
$ 1.5 billion for emergency homeless shelter grants
$20 billion increase in food stamps (SNAP) and lifting time limit on receipt of assistance
Child Tax Credit - partial success
$14.8 billion
Maximum credit raised to $1000 per child. At income above $75,000 ($150,000 per couple) phase out of $50 per $1000 of income.
The bad news: Those with the least income receive the least benefit from the CTC. The floor to receive a credit is $3000 and the benefit is 15% of income. Therefore, earning $3000, the benefit would be $450 and earning $60,000, the benefit would be $9000.
Medicaid Federal Medical Assistance Percentages (FMAP)
$86.6 billion in additional federal matching payments for state programs
$84 million to create a Recovery Act Accountability and Transparency Board to coordinate oversight of federal spending
"Flash Reports" to Congress
Quarterly Reports to Congress and Administration
Reports posted on website:
The bad news: protection for whistle-blowers on federal projects was removed from the bill, although retained for state and local level whistle-blowers.

Opposed and kept out of the Recovery bill

* E-Verify Program - would have required all contracting employers to use the Internet-based program to verify the employment eligibility of their hires. This was removed from the bill.
* $ 1 billion for Nuclear Weapons-related activities was removed from the bill.

For more information on the bill, see

Saturday, February 14th, 2009 at 5:30 am

A major milestone


What FDR did

It Is Signed - Success!!!


Thursday, February 12, 2009

Lincoln and 'What God Did!'

The last few days have been doctor days. Today was the day we get admitted to the hospital so we can receive our Tysabri infusions, while sitting in adjacent easy chairs. It takes a couple of hours or so. We get to order a meal. It's our MS date.

So, I'm tired.

Lincoln, for a kid who grew up in Illinois, was the most special president of all. His birthday was the one we always got off from school. We were taught that the Civil War was fought for freeing the slaves. I was astonished, while living in Biloxi, that a common belief among southerners was that it was only about states rights. They didn't seem to hold President Abraham Lincoln with the same high esteem as I was taught as a child.

God spoke to us throughout the eons by means of the prophets and those charged with putting words to paper. I can't help but believe He is also speaking to us through science. It's where He reveals the beauty of His creation. It's a book, filling the learned halls, revealed to us through slowly turned pages illustrating the Master Weaver He really is rather than a, 'snap of the fingers, wave of the wand', magician.

It follows the rules of it's Method religiously, filling that tome, one paragraph, sentence, phrase or word at a time. Science must be left to be science or it will cease to be science at all. I can't help but wonder, when it is all said and done, if they will be looking at the face of the Lord exclaiming, "God does exist!", then, a little later, the race to proclaim, "my theory is proved!"

Vatican buries the hatchet with Charles Darwin

Vatican hosts Darwin conference

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A President that knows how to be presidential and get good things done

Today was a day to see our MS specialist. I had to post these videos.


Rachel Maddow explaining why Republicans are wrong on FDR

Town Hall Meeting in Florida

Senate Passes Stimulus Plan

Sunday, February 08, 2009

sedition or dissent - loyalty or cult

We were accused of being anti-American for opposing actions by the Bush/Cheney administration in direct violation of our Constitution, it's Bill of Rights, our international treaties and laws of our land.

Now they are using their propaganda network of lies, innuendos and distortions to undermine the sitting president of the United States. Their stated desire for the failure of the elected leader of the American people, so that their economic/political theory would possibly gain more prominence, approaches a level crossing into sedition.

A cultish adherence to an unencumbered free market system exhibits a loyalty to an ideology over one's own nation.

Limbaugh, Hannity, and the GOP: an iron triangle of stimulus misinformation

Yea,....I do kinda think the right-wing, ultra-conservative, everything Rush and Sean tells us is true, parrot-mimicking followers of everything we're told to believe by our favorite personalities type intellectually lazy American is to blame for many of the political bottle-necks we face today.

Radical fundamentalism of all types, whether religious, political or environmental, is a disaster for all involved. Their adherents know not loyalty or reason.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Don't piss down my back and tell me it's rainin'

The Republicans are trying to say that none of the problems of the last eight years are their fault and that they possesss no responsibilities for the situation the country is in now. What's even more brazenly shameful, on their part, is to claim that the same ideological failings, that led to an economic situation approaching the Great Depression in severity, is the only solution to the problems that a fanatical adherence to these beliefs caused.

President Obama has gone more than the extra mile in his dealings with the GOP. It seems they resent being blamed for the problems, having their conservative ideology proved defective and losing the White House. It makes me wonder if they are mad at America, Rush sure seems to be and they must follow his lead.