Friday, February 27, 2009

no fun

Emergency room bound. The doctor thinks my liver may be bleeding. I woke up with this enormous bruise on my lower right side and a nice little water balloon-like sack.

Success! I'm home.

The little bag on my side is old blood. No organ damage or active internal bleeding. Oh! I do have five broken ribs but there all in place.

The only thing I'm worried about now is that the emergency room was packed with people, young to old, who appeared to be suffering from flu-like symptoms. I guess I could put up with the flu as long as it doesn't make me sneeze.

There's many urgent care facilities, 'doc-in-the-box', scattered all over town. The one I went to, before being sent to the hospital, was empty. They don't take all insurance so maybe that's the reason for their apparent under use. I thought they existed to take the load off the emergency rooms. Something needs to be fixed there.

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