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McMorris-Rodgers & GOP - Bad----- Dems & Stimulus - Good

The GOP and their organ grinder radio people continue to deny Bush involvement in the train-wreck of an economy he dumped on America. Bad loans were emboldened by Republican 'W' encouraged policy.

Home Ownership and President Bush

McMorris Rodgers on Fox News After Stimulus Vote

Her right-wing-wacko voting record
doesn't serve her district very well. We have six hospitals here in Spokane that serve the whole inland Northwest area, in addition to having the highest incidence of MS in the nation, second only to an island off the coast of Wales, in the world. Poverty or near poverty is high here. She is not serving the needs of either of these groups among others.
But, she does cater to the Rush following GOP and all their failed ideas.

This was part of an email I received from NETWORK ...

We hope that as you contact your members of Congress you will use this information to support or challenge them on their vote. To find out how your representative and senators voted, go to . You can enter your zip code or click on the final conference report vote for H.R.1.

Supported and achieved

Job creation
Job creation is a part of each provision included.
Head start and early head start
$ 2.1 billion - provides 50,000 additional jobs for teachers and staff
Job training for all skill levels
$ 3.95 billion under Workforce Investment Act
$ .25 billion for Job Corps
Unemployment Insurance
$27 billion for extension and increase in benefits
"Greening" of our nation
$ 11 billion - Smart Electric Grid
$ 2.3 billion for energy-efficient renovations of HUD units
$ 5 billion for Weatherization Assistance Program
$ .5 billion for energy efficiency upgrades for Native American housing programs
$ .1 billion for lead-based paint removal
$ 20 billion energy tax credits
$ 9.3 billion for mass transit
$ 1.6 billion for Amtrak intercity rail services - emphasis on high-speed
Safety net programs
$ 4 billion for HUD Capital Fund
$ 2.3 billion for the HOME Program
$ 1.5 billion in Neighborhood Stabilization Program
$ 1.5 billion for emergency homeless shelter grants
$20 billion increase in food stamps (SNAP) and lifting time limit on receipt of assistance
Child Tax Credit - partial success
$14.8 billion
Maximum credit raised to $1000 per child. At income above $75,000 ($150,000 per couple) phase out of $50 per $1000 of income.
The bad news: Those with the least income receive the least benefit from the CTC. The floor to receive a credit is $3000 and the benefit is 15% of income. Therefore, earning $3000, the benefit would be $450 and earning $60,000, the benefit would be $9000.
Medicaid Federal Medical Assistance Percentages (FMAP)
$86.6 billion in additional federal matching payments for state programs
$84 million to create a Recovery Act Accountability and Transparency Board to coordinate oversight of federal spending
"Flash Reports" to Congress
Quarterly Reports to Congress and Administration
Reports posted on website:
The bad news: protection for whistle-blowers on federal projects was removed from the bill, although retained for state and local level whistle-blowers.

Opposed and kept out of the Recovery bill

* E-Verify Program - would have required all contracting employers to use the Internet-based program to verify the employment eligibility of their hires. This was removed from the bill.
* $ 1 billion for Nuclear Weapons-related activities was removed from the bill.

For more information on the bill, see

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A major milestone


What FDR did

It Is Signed - Success!!!


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