Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Torture is a dark sinister turn that must be halted

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There are reports that Barack Obama will have a 9-11 type panel on torture. It's good to get all the facts out there, but, without punishment for war crimes justice will not be fully achieved.

If our nation is un-fortunate enough to have little or no movement on justice during this election cycle we must keep prosecution in our human rights agenda. There are no statute of limitations on war crimes. This must be an election issue from now until their demise, in which case we failed ; then it must be an election issue on why they were allowed to escape justice.

Never give up. Always have this issue in the forefront of progressive politics until some measure of justice is achieved.

I would prefer to see that justice achieved while the crimes are still in the forefront of our collective consciences.

Hearing on Torture with Addington & Yoo: Nadler's Questions

Bush cronies squirm over issues of torture!!!

When we became a nation that tortures we became less. It's a dark sinister turn that must be halted and made right. Great shame has been brought on our nation because of this hideous practice. Torture is and always has been evil. This is highly unconstitutional, immoral and again it must be stressed a completely un-American exercise in shame with much more in likeness to the old Soviet Union, China, or any other authoritarian government. Confessions as the result of torture and ill-treatment make them completely invalid.

Information gained is unreliable and dangerous to the well-being of our troops. We hanged people in Nuremberg for the practices we carry out today. Once we believe that torture is okay, that we're still pure and clean and good for having accepted it, we open ourselves up to many evil embraced horrors of our own making. We already believe in pre-emptive war and collateral damage without a conscience thought, of the results of our actions.

Bush likes to make bellicose speeches about evil all over the world. Well torture is evil here and everywhere it's practiced and it must never be used for information or punishment or intimidation or for any of the other screwy reasons governments or 'freedom fighters' deploy it. Torture is a cowardly act of weakness.

You people who have welcomed this filthy practice of torture have disgraced our flag, our ancestors' sacrifices and the dust of their bones. This is a war crime and all those involved should be prosecuted all the way up to the head torturer in chief, George W. Bush, a traitor to ‘mom apple pie and the American way’.

Once again life is disturbed by those who chose violence to make a political point or to bring about some change important to them. I suppose you could make a statement that killing the innocent requires some form of bravery in their minds. But it's a far cry than the real bravery of those who stand against injustice, by putting their lives and freedom on the line by using the law and non-violent protest or civil disobedience.

Those who attacked the World Trade Center during the Clinton era are serving life sentences as are those who attacked our embassies in Africa, as will those, under an Obama administration, who may have just attacked our people, under Bush's watch, in India. If this is an attack on Americans and Britains it occurred during Bush's weakened and inattentive administration. Because, they took their eyes off the ball and allowed Al Qeada to grow strong, throughout the world, while they wore our military readiness down.

I wish the Obama administration was in charge right now. Instead, we are left with the ole unreliable Cheney/Bush Neoconservative dominated administration. What will they do? We can only hope they seek the advice of the incoming administration rather than rely on their own, often flawed agenda.

I worry about their propensity to embrace violent solutions, rather than well thought out and negotiated diplomatic consensus.

Radical fundamentalism of all types, whether religious, political or environmental, is a disaster for all involved.

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