Thursday, November 27, 2008

Be thankful, for what?


Well, one thing I'm not thankful for is having a good football game to watch, today. Detroit hasn't won any games and my own locally supported team in Seattle, has only won two. We can only hope.

In fact, if you're a liberal/progressive type, hope is what we all have to be thankful for. People worked hard, all across the country, in order to usher in the Democratic presidency of Barack Obama and much stronger donkeys in Congress. We all had our reasons and issues of importance. As a result of November 4, we've been able to embrace unbridled hope for our causes.

It's that word, 'unbridled', that worries me a bit. I'm concerned that we all are being tempted to agree that, "alright the economy must be dealt with, but, I have this issue of great importance that must be dealt with first". I'm guilty because I believe torture should be dealt with the very first day. I think I'm right.

It's important to remember that Cheney/Bush and their Neoconservative cohorts along with the theocratic right have done an immense amount of damage to our countries constitution, laws, economy, military and reputation. It's going to take a long time to untangle this mess. We've spent eight years being pissed on while their smiling faces contrived to make us believe it was raining.

His appointments are making many in the liberal community uncomfortable. I think he deserves a honeymoon period that, at least, lasts until Inauguration Day.

President-elect Barack Obama on this Thanksgiving Day...

HAPPY THANKSGIVING to you and yours!!!

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