Friday, November 07, 2008

Yes We Did!!! & the President-elect wants our opinion.

The Obama/Biden transition team has released a web site covering their actions but also asking for our input on the future direction of America and campaign or election day experiences.


This is what I wrote. I know everyone will have a different order of the importance on all the issues, but I would hope that torture would be at the top or nearly so for all Dems.

My wife and I are both vets and disabled with MS. As a result, we live on a fixed income which is becoming much more difficult. However, that and health care are not my main issues of importance.

Torture is number one. The Bushies have changed us into a nation of torturers, gulag runners and disappearers. I would love to see this on the agenda starting within the first week.

Another issue would be undoing all the harm that has been done to our constitution, over the last eight years, through the Patriot act, Fisa updates, signing statements, and whatever else is hiding in the dark coners of the last administration.

Iraq, the economy and health care would follow closely.

I have a lot of hope in what an Obama administration can accomplish for our nation and prestige through the world.

Stephanie Miller: Yes We DID!!! President Obama!!!

Randi Rhodes: We just elected President Obama


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James Miller said...

A new hope for America : Barack Obama

The victory of Barack Obama is a historical event for America and the world. The next big date is the Presidential Inauguration Day : January 20, 2009.

I have built a countdown clock to the day when President Obama will take office.