Wednesday, March 26, 2008

GOP is intentionally ignorant on climate change

The disbelief of conservative Christians on Evolution cause them to have disrespect for many scientific principles from medicine to astonomy yeilding to a backward war on science. Geologist can’t be right because of what they say about the age of the Earth. Archeologist and anthropologist can’t be trusted because they use carbon dating which geologists also use to date the Earth. Astronomers and astronomical physicists can’t be trusted because of what they say about the distance of the stars and how long it takes their light to reach us. How can doctors really know what they’re doing when they believe in evolution? Literalist interpretation of the Bible means science is not to be trusted.

This is also disrespectful to God because it puts him in the role of magician rather than the Master Weaver He is. The Bible is not a book of science but is an inspired work that illustrates how we are to relate to God and each other. When we attempt to make it something it is not we tend to forget the loving God and each other part all too easily.

Science is a discipline which yields a fascinating glimpse into the wonderful mind of God as it slowly unravels the beauty and sheer genius of creation. God is more marvelous than we can imagine and if conservatives are successful in intruding into science it would keep us from realizing and appreciating it. Literalist interpretation of the Bible does a disservice to God because their faith is on sandy soil locked up into a childish over simplistic view of the workings of God in our Earthly history and lives.

I can't help but feel if we allow science to be science, as it should be, one day when all things are said and done they will be looking into the face of God. Science must be allowed to be science or it will cease to be science at all.

Many conservative fundamentalists also tend to view the Constitution and the Koran through these same clouded eyes creating many problems for our country and the Islamic world. Fundamentalists Moslems, Hindus, and others who view their religious writings with a strict literalist interpretation are creating their own sets of problems in their parts of the world. When they clash it just creates problems everywhere.

Literalistic interpretation of selected parts of the bible may explain some of what is going on with the heretical religious right in regards to their not excepting global warming. While the neoconservatives are happy once again to use conservative fundamentalist misconceptions in their favor it does not explain their own hostility toward global warming.

Greed does.

Science gets in the way of unscrupulous corporations ability to pollute with impunity. All they have to do is create enough doubt and suspicion about scientific results to the Republican faithful to allow them to continue raping and pillaging the planet. Once again the ignorance of their followers works to their advantage.

How much respect can they have for the people who dutifully follow every lie and spin they feed them? Neoconservatives must see them as a bunch of malleable fools. Liberals can educate and protest and explain what this administration is up to but these people must develop the courage to open their eyes to the way they are being used. I have hope that one day the good Republicans will wake up to the knowledge of the way Fox news and conservative pundits in the media have been manipulating their emotions to suit their own selfish needs.

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By Steve Connor, Science Editor Wednesday, 26 March 2008

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