Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Bush Neocons put Human Rights LAST!

The world was horrified by these events and came together in the United Nations to form the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (http://www.un.org/Overview/rights.html).

The Neoconservative-absorbed Bush Administration is running away from not only the UN but these very precious ideals, also.

Never Again-The Holocaust

The Wrath of Stalin

very cleverly done...
Universal Declaration of Human Rights animation

It's past time I hightlight the extreme human rights violations of the Bush Administration, once again. I seriously doubt whether they have any love or respect for this dream which is America. I have a lot of links here which show the extent to which the Bushies are willing to go to abuse their fellow human beings. However we only know a little bit. I fear the whole truth is far worse. I also fear to what extent the conservative right wing Americans would allow them to go if they became absorbed by fear and military bravado. Its just one of the things I worry would happen if the Bush Neocons were to launch a military attack against Iran.


US Wants 58 Bases In Iraq, Shiite Lawmakers Say

They truly are war criminals and this country MUST have the courage to prosecute them.

The Military Commissions Act in action

Ali Saleh Kahlah al-Marri, Qatari student

Document - USA: Incommunicado detention/detention without charge/legal concern, Ali-Saleh Kahlah al-Marri (m)

The evil of torture touches the whole nation.

US residents in military brigs? Govt says it's war
May 24, 2008

path to dictatorship

police state

Iraq Soldier Discusses His "Kills" (VIDEO)

Human Rights Report Assails U.S.
May 29, 2008

US accused of holding terror suspects on prison ships
· Report says 17 boats used · MPs seek details of UK role· Europe attacks 42-day plan
Monday June 2 2008

Pentagon Told Guantanamo Interrogators To Trash Evidence

United States pulls out of UN human rights body
Nick Langewis - Published: Sunday June 8, 2008

Locked Up Alone
Detention Conditions and Mental Health at Guantanamo
Justices Rule Terror Suspects Can Appeal in Civilian Courts
Published: June 12, 2008

retreat from civil rights and now a private army!?!



The United States was at one time the leader of the world in human rights. We liked to call ourselves the greatest nation in the world.


Oh, it's true we stumbled along the way but we always moved ahead in a positive direction. We haven’t always lived up to the fullness of what our Constitution and Bill of Rights calls us, so there were bumps and sometimes giant ruts along our shared histories path that brought great trials and sometimes costs many lives. But America grew brick by brick laid by the tough hands of our forefathers and foremothers whose lifeblood flows throughout the heart of our land.


History is full of the tales of their labored lives, hardships, troubles, and accomplishments. The dust of their bones will be desecrated if we take a wrecking ball to the foundation they set.


Now, because of a desire for power, secrecy and control among those in the Bush administration our nation has embraced a cancer of cruel suppression of the dignity of humanity. A sheepish fear among their followers, has allowed them to become mesmerized by a calculating group masquerading as trustworthy, giving the neoconservatives approval to disregard, as if it didn’t exist, the law and ethics of our nation. Acting as all cancers do if not removed it will grow and bring death to our democratic republic.


The loyal dissenters believe this to be a horrible wrong. Driven more by the love we have for this country than by fear, we believe that all must speak out; that every one must shout’ STOP’. We believe it is time for all to demonstrate the courage of our ancestors and love America more than fear the unknown. And that goes especially for our new Democratically controlled Congress who have given us a new found hope for a return to constitutional order, an end to Iraqi occupation and a halt to military adventurism in Iran and elsewhere.


Dissent is as American as Mom & Apple Pie.

We our now facing our giant rut along the path, will we dishonor the legacy of those who stood so bravely on this land before us?

Rumsfeld shakes hands with Saddam (full video, no sound)

Powell and Rice assure everyone Iraq is NO THREAT pre-9/11

Pinky(george) and the Brain(dick)


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