Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Fractured hip and GOP fear and lies

I haven't wrote anything here since I broke my hip. Yep, about 8 weeks ago I fell and fractured my hip right below the ball. I have three long pins holding it all together. No, I'm still not able to walk.

I was fortunate that, because of MS, a walker and electric wheelchair with a ramp were available to me. I'm used to making adjustments, but, I used to be able to walk, not very well or for very long, but, I could do it. Now, I can't and I don't know how long it will be before I can do it again.

Oh, and I found out why my right side sounds like worn and busted gears struggling to complete their duty. They haven't healed and are separated. Well, this causes me to wonder how well my hips are healing.


I submitted this as a letter to the editor ( I was angry about the topic and in a hurry - I could have done better)...

My wife of 31 years and I, both USAF veterans, have MS. We both had insurance through her employer until she joined me in the ranks of those, too, disabled to work.

We had long term care through her insurance from her job but they refused to honor it claiming MS isn't disabling. Even our doctor couldn't get them to change their position.

So instead of the insurance company shouldering their commitment the government is forced to do it for them through Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. Insurance should have accepted their lawful burden rather than push it on to the taxpayer in order to protect their profits.

It's a tale not unique to us but one that's repeated thousands of times across the US. It's the status quo that hate radio, the bizarre birthers and deathers along with their violent thugs are striving to protect. Their lies and fear generation are an authoritarian-like maneuver against diplomatic discourse which has served our nation well.

Fear is a great motivating force for violence. Fear of ideas, cultures, that others will change what those around you believe or leave you with less than you now have.

What I find myself worrying about most is the violence among the radical, ignorant right.

Every time the Republican party, from the time of Reagan to the present, wanted to rev-up public emotion toward an enemy they always compared him to, Hitler and the Communist menace. It didn't matter that they were on the opposite sides of the political spectrum, or, that the situation in no way even came close to applying. All that mattered was stirring up fear, hate and incitement of military pre-emption.

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