Thursday, July 11, 2013

I haven't been here in a long, long time. Conservatives battle to kill Obama Care

I haven't been here in a long, long time. Computer problems have been a big part of why I haven't been here especially the long months without a laptop.  A lot of water has gone under the bridge since then.

 I've been posting on the local news paper the Spokesman Review because of the many Tea Party Conservative types on the eastern end of Washington State posting mostly nonsense.

One of their most rabid topics has to do with Obama Care. 

Liberals wanted a single payer form of medical care which would have lifted the burden off of all business and placed it fairly upon all of us. The many, forced upon us, compromises with Republicans in order to get the bill through the Senate made that impossible. When you decry the complexity or perceived unfairness, of the Affordable Health care act, the GOP needs to look in the mirror.
Because, of the unscrupulous behavior of insurance companies and businesses, that refuse to give their workers full time employment, dumping the responsibility on the taxpayer, single payer is what this nation needs.
mass shootings in the last few years. linked to health care because of mental illness
Those who struggle with mental illness should have much more than a little health access. Cutting services to these people aren't just by the communities they live in, but, they are also discriminated against by insurance companies.
Many people who struggle with severe mental illness are left to self medicate any way they can. Many are forced into the prison system which is truly abusive. Some just wander the streets. Many are the quiet burden of their families.
They ARE the responsibility of society to be taken care of by the insurance companies and ALL taxpayers. Not just with a few services here and there but with truly good services which will benefit not just the mental health community but society as a whole.
Insanity is a huge part of the problem. The demented belief, held by many on the lunatic fringe of the far right, that these military style weapons are needed to wage war against our own government is the conspiracy theory dejour. These aren't beliefs that are only uttered in the shadows of extremists sects. These fantasies are proudly expressed on the AM dial and righty web sights.
The United Nations and Obama are coming for their guns so that they can be stripped of their money and religious and political beliefs then sent off to the prison camps, which are already built and waiting for occupants.
Actual natural deaths, of those believed to be precious to their cause, are in fact murder to advance the agenda of the UN and/or antichrist.
Global warming is a myth and the government controls weather systems, all designed to give the world control over our sovereignty.
And, one of the most discussing assertions, that these mass shootings are in fact 'false flag' operations created by the government to make it easier to attack their gun rights.
There's no shortage of feeble minds willing to accept this nonsense, enriching the coffers of those who spread this vile, against the US.
Anyone who speaks differently is either a fool, a pawn or an active conspirator. I'm sure this is just the top of the pile that gets far more pungent the farther down you venture, into their dark world. How can we ever begin to engage them in any type of political, religious or social discussion? Their wanton ignorance is the greatest threat our nation faces at this time. It not only lowers the collective IQ of America but also leads to stagnation as is shown by the Tea Party.
facts on gun violence
He was taught how to be safe and use guns.
facts on violence and mental illness

Wild and loony conspiracy theories have been flooding the minds of Tea Party bullied Republicans, since the time of Sara Palin.
For fun--The wacky right

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