Saturday, January 18, 2014

Struggle against Al Qaeda continues

Well it's 2014 and we are still at war in Afghanistan against the Taliban and with Al Qaeda, wherever they raise their ugly heads. Be it Pakistan, Yemen, Sudan, the US or their presence and influence throughout the Middle East, the Obama administration is tracking them down. As the multiple drone strikes would lead us to believe.

Approval for the war in Afghanistan has dropped to 20% . I can't help but think that the longer we're there and the more civilians, especially women and children, we kill and injure the more enemies we create. It seems to be a vicious circle with no way out. War is easy to get into, but, almost impossible to get out of, as everyone should know.

I worry most about the women and girls who will become acid targets or worse, from the Taliban, just because they have embraced their new freedoms, especially education. They wouldn't be in this position, of hope, if it wasn't for us. They may owe us some level of gratitude, but, we owe them protection, because, of what our actions have initiated. I'm in favor of a quick organized escape for those women, and their loved ones, who desire it.

Drones and how they are used is classified. Reports suggest that they have been useful in killing Al Qaeda leadership. But that success seems to be at the price of the lives of women and children noncombatants. Amnesty International is the best source here;

"Will I Be Next?" US Drone Strikes in Pakistan

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