Wednesday, May 02, 2007

My letter to Congress

Everyone must keep the pressure on Congress so that they don't give in to presidential bullying!!! They must keep up the good fight!!!

Please do not vote to weaken the stance taken by Congress. The troops must come home.

Al Qaeda is responsible for their share of the violence but it’s a relatively small percentage of the overall violence. The great enemy in Iraq is the power lust of the few (Kurd, Sunni, Shiite and the battles within each of those varying factions), along with the hate driven desire for revenge carrying fear and ignorance as its allies. The hate that exists is growing even stronger in an environment where fear and revenge has become the master.

All sides want us out; they believe its okay to kill our men and women and they are all going after us with great relish. Our troops are stuck in the middle of a brutal civil war where all sides are shooting at them and the enemy can not be easily discerned, if at all. They do not belong in the middle of this and it’s an illicit misuse of the military to expect them to.

Bush policies of rendition, torture, indiscriminate use of weapons improper among civilian populations, seriously overused troops in a deadly supercharged environment, profiteering, and negligent planning wrapped up in a refusal to admit any mistakes have made Bush Neoconservative’s opponents of peace toward the US and Iraq and the people of the region if the instability spreads. Those in charge are to blame for this mess because they’re the ones that put the horror in motion. Neocon policies have become the best recruiting tools for Al Qaeda and like-minded groups. Money has been wasted, misused and stolen causing us to rely on China and other nations to finance our illegitimate occupation while keeping the lifestyles of the powerful undisturbed. They’ve left the brunt of domestic sacrifice for this war of lies to be carried by the military families with little support from the Republican chicken hawks who so frequently love to envelop themselves with flags, yellow ribbons and military paraphernalia.

Our continuing occupation of Iraq is harming us while allowing Al Qaeda to grow in organization, strength and territory in other areas of the globe. If our presence in Iraq is futile or more destructive to them and us than our absence then we must leave.

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