Saturday, October 20, 2007

Randi Rhodes is better!!!

I guess the first thing I would actually like to talk about is Randi Rhodes*. She's number 1 in our home.
Here's how I found out about it.

We were immediately concerned which led to a morning of trying to find out what happened. They're wasn't a lot of information and as the day went on it only got more confused. There was nothing to do but wait till she returned to the air, which occurred the following Thursday.

It may be a lack of food and the excitement coupled with a few drinks that caused her to faint. I faint now and then. I'm a bit taller and heavier and when I hit the ground it's pretty hard. I've cracked a rib but I don't think I've ever crashed into the hardwood floor with enough force to do what Randi did. (Although she did hit a metal grate.) It is not beyond reason to wonder if maybe there was some alcohol induced person who decided to take down the liberal talk show host. Being alone and outside was the perfect opportunity for some nut to attack. I bet the guy would feel real proud of himself, too.
At any rate she is gladly doing better, but that had to be a terribly painful experience with way too much hassle for someone going through something like that.

We all see the growing anger towards us out there. We have fear of violence to those of the liberal/progressive persuation becoming more common, maybe even popular, especially toward those who speak against this 'president' and his corrupt policies. There's already examples of anthrax to Democratic Congressman in the mail. Keith Olbermann recieved fake anthrax at his home. Rush was recently caught manipulating the press with threats.

There's many examples of hate approaching violence from reactionaries in all the places they meet. ( I suppose Iraq and what we are about to do to Iran is a marrying of hate and violence with a huge amount of ignorance for guidance).

Bush: Threat of World War III if Iran goes nuclear

I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.
Albert Einstein


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