Friday, May 16, 2008

Bush/McCain Insane on Iran

CHRONOLOGY - U.S.-Saudi relations since 9/11
Fri May 16, 2008

Bush appeasement slur angers Democrats
Obama outraged by president's claim that talking to US foes in Middle East is like negotiating with Hitler

Lawmakers Respond To Bush: ‘Bullsh*t’ And ‘Malarkey’ That Is ‘Beneath The Dignity’ Of The Oval Office»
You, Mr. Bush, Committed Political Treason Today

John McCain Flip-Flopped on Hamas to Smear Obama

Conyers Tells Bush Iran Attack = Impeachment

Obama corrects Bush/McCain

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Words, Not War, With Iran

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God takes no sides in war
Saint Francis of Assisi was able, during war, to walk between the Moslem side and the Christian side talking of love and peace and the architect of both. There are many people, I’m sad to say even some who have his statue in their gardens thinking of him only as a lover of birds and little furry animals, who would call him a vile traitor, liberal appeaser and dangerous threat worthy of torture and life detention if he were to carry out those same actions in today’s climate.

There’s been a lot of hatefulness from right wing conservatives, many who consider themselves chosen Christians, who feel the government has no business caring for the most vulnerable among us, while wasting money on corporation 'wellfare' and give-away schemes or military adventurism is just fine. Hate and prejudice directed at minorities, immigrants and anyone who voices dissent or interferes has not died. I fear there are a sizeable number of people on the right who really don't care that the invasion and susquent occupation in Iraq is wrong and that as long as we're killing Moslems its okay and the sooner we can do that in Iran the better.

GOP - Bad for the Military

Bush & the Neocons are the real threat of starting WWIII

All the President's Nazis (Real and Imagined): An Open Letter to Bush
by - Larisa Alexandrovna


Five Years of My Life
By Peter Meroth and Uli Rauss

Journalist released from Gitmo calls it 'most heinous mankind has ever known'
By John Byrne

60 Minutes: Immigrant Detention In America
By: Nicole Belle

Obama YES - Derision NO
An Administrations Legacy


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