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Obama YES - Derision NO

Fired Up, Ready to Go

Randi Rhodes once mentioned that the primaries are a time for falling in love with your candidate while the time after that is for pulling together. Remember, at the beginning, when all this was fun. It is still exciting, breath-taking and very historic just not as enjoyable as it once was unless you happen to be a masochist.

After Dennis Kucinich had freed us former supporters, by his words in Iowa, to choose another candidate it became a wrestling match in my brain between the two candidates closest to my liking. When you consider the differences between Obama and Edwards, taking into account the likely make-up of Congress that they would have to deal with, there wasn't a lot there. They're similar on every issue but I would give the edge to Barack.

When it comes to legislation the Congress has ideas about every single little issue. Clinton, Biden and Dodd will play great roles on all of these from their Senate seats.

Sitting at the table still trying to make up my mind; the memory of a little elderly African- American lady from my first job as a bus boy crept into my mind. I've never forgotten her.

I was born in Saint Mary's hospital in East Saint Louis, IL. There was a white flight from there to the surrounding communities and strong racial tensions to this day although they have lessened some since my youth. When I was young it was ugly. My family dining table was volatile like so many from those days.

I thought about the other elderly African-Americans I worked along side of when I was younger who bore the brunt of hate filled discrimination of that time, who witnessed the hopes and dreams of Dr. King along with his death and whose eyes I looked into when discussing whatever topic of the day. I cannot turn away from those long gone eyes when I know how much Barack's presidency would mean to all of them and how much his presidency would mean for the whole nation.

That was the final straw that broke the back of the camel of my indecision.

Barack Obama would be a giant step in cleaning out a lot of old cobwebs while not only increasing civil and honorable diplomacy at home but throughout the world.

Virginia Jefferson-Jackson Dinner - Barack Obama Speaks

This was the first caucus experience for my wife and me. It was very hard to get to. Only because the snow banks were so high in many places that only one car could pass at a time, especially with people parking on both sides of the snow and slush filled streets. We also couldn’t find the wheel chair ramp so we had to wobble up the stairs while our son brought our chairs up. The road conditions made it a little bit hard on everyone and the church where the meeting was held was packed solid. There was a record turnout (a little more than twice ‘04 which had its own record turnout). It was GREAT!!!

The room where our precinct met was packed. Every seat was filled all the way around the small room with one person sitting on the floor. We were thirty people. Most of us, including me, spoke up in favor of either Hillary or Barack. There was no bullying of anyone. After a couple of hours of going through the various procedures we had 20 votes for Obama and 10 votes for Clinton. Obama received six delegates while Hillary received three from our group with an alternate for every delegate. A small additional handful of Clinton people would have changed the outcome but there either weren't enough supporters available or they weren't concerned enough to show up.

For me the most important problems, disasters would probably be a better word, facing our nation is;

The occupation of Iraq along with all the serious infrastructure, health and refugee (both external and internal) inflicting the people of the country we shocked and awed;

A return to Constitutional order in the USA;

And our Bush-driven negative status in the world which affects us both diplomatically and economically.

I see Obama as dealing with all of the above much better than Hillary while being better to equal to the tasks involving domestic issues such as the cost of energy, inflation and health care while being far superior in the area of international trade.

I also see Obama as being able to work with both sides of the halls and aisles of Congress far better.

He is very plain on the issues ( and yes he will continue investigations of corruption, activity against the freedom of the American people, torture and other crimes at a time of war.

Barack Obama: 'A More Perfect Union'

I didn't vote for Hillary in our caucus because...

Hillary has willingly saddled herself up to her husbands’ legacy of NAFTA, permanent most favored trade status for China, welfare reform and the disastrous effect that Clintonian policy in Iraq had on the children there (thousands suffered & died).

I do not want to return to divisive politics. The slumlord comment, during an earlier debate, from Hillary bothered me a lot. The Clintons reached back as far as they could for some tiny tidbit they could distort Carl Rove style (it doesn’t matter whether it’s true or not just say a distortion enough times and the public will perceive it as being true). We don’t need anymore of that. This is just one example of many of the Clinton's using corrupt Rovian political tactics.(
Are Rove tactics being used against Barak? )

Her Rovian politics are steeped in lies, innuendo and now flirting with racist born hate. It's the same style of conducting themselves that we have been decrying throughout the long dark Neocon-absorbed Cheney/Bush years. I'm beginning to think that the difference between her and Bush-hugging McCain is much smaller than the growing gulf between her, solid Democrats and all fair minded Americans.

Keith Olbermann: Special Comment on Hillary Clinton

The way she has conducted herself, during this campaign, Hillary has shown that she has embraced the concept of 'the end justifies the means'. That's another Noecon/Rovian principle that caused us to run away from the war on those who attacked us and the promises we made to Afghanistan which landed us in preemptive war and a misguided nation building occupation in Iraq. She participated in that type of hazardous thinking when she voted for the Iraq war and when she voted to give Bush the excuse from Congress he needed to ' Shock and Awe' Iran.

Clinton has been demonstrating that she continues to embrace risky 'end justifies the means' method of problem solving by the way she is continuing to conduct herself during this campaign.
She is also reaping, with pride, hate radio and other right wing involvement in her few primary victories.

Rush Limbaugh: Operation Chaos

Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, Michael Savage, Sean Hannity: Posioning Democracy with Vitriolic Hate
BUZZFLASH EDITOR'S BLOGby Mark KarlinEditor and Publisher
April 27, 2008
Hillary embraces a vast right wing conspiracy
By Leonard Doyle
Why I think (suspect/worry) Hillary is doing what she's doing...

I'm beginning to believe that Clinton would gladly divide the Democratic Party in order to facilitate a future run for power or possibly that they are actually calculating their chances for a just barely squeaked out independent win in November. She knows this may facilitate a dangerous and disastrous GOP presidency for the nation.

The big news ( besides an umbrella for the Middle East) out of the ABC mugging of Obama is that Hillary emphatically believes that Barack Obama can win the Presidency. She also stated that she would work hard for the candidate winning the nomination. That would appear to put a halt to any thought of an independent ticket, unless she 'MISSPOKE', again. Misspeaking and bending the truth appears to be an alarming pattern within the Clinton campaign.
Don't think Hillary is fighting dirty just for herself, because she is also a surrogate for the Democratic Leadership Council. The globalist Republican-like DLC will be in the back seat of the Democratic Party when Obama rightly claims the nomination for president. They can't let that happen and they will do anything to stop it including tearing apart the party and all who stand in their way.

All those who want to destroy any hope the average American people feel and would prefer to keep things just the way they are in Washington will never be happy letting a person of sincere motives rise to the top.

Republican Lite

When we all disagreed with Bush policies both domestic and international we were called traitors and un-American but we were also referred to repeatedly as Bush haters because we had a difference of opinion.
Referring to those who prefer a different more, as we see it, progressive view as Hillary haters is another of a growing list of similarities between Clinton and the disreputable politics of the Bushies and their Neocon buddies.

I still worry she is considering an independent run for the presidency despite giving her word that she would support and work for the Democratic nominee.

Couldn't you just see her declaring at the convention and marching her delegates, led by Michigan and Florida, out with her.

Wrong 'democrat' wrong time.

However, Barack Obama handles all this with class and intelligence.

Barack Obama in Kokomo, IN

for three great policy speeches...

Obama - Good for America!!!

from Rolling Stone...
The Queen of Pork
But of the three candidates, no one can touch Hillary Clinton for her expertise in dispensing federal pork. She is fast becoming a sort of Heavyweight Earmark Champion of the Beltway — one think-tank analyst has even dubbed her the "Queen of Pork"
Hillary Strangelove
April 27, 2008
Much to worry about an ill-advised attack on Iran!!!
Barack Obama: Iran


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