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a tad bit over the top ,but, Randi is alright with me!!!

frat boy with his finger

This is an example of why the whore comment applies. It fits many politicians and it should be pointed out when it's accurate.

Hillary embraces a vast right wing conspiracy
By Leonard Doyle

Whore is commonly used in talk radio. The fucking adjective was used in private. Air America Radio management is pro-Clinton for the primaries and I believe that has more to do with her suspension than anything else; that and all the noise the Hillary people must have made.

What got Randi in trouble with the suits and ties...

What is a whore in the nonsexual sense?
from the Free Online Dictionary ...

3. To compromise one's principles for personal gain.

Janeane Garofalo Over Rhodes Suspension

I'm angry with the Clinton campaign because of her Rovian politics steeped in misspeaking and innuendo. It's the same style of conducting themselves that we have been decrying throughout the long dark Neocon-absorbed Cheney/Bush years. I'm beginning to think that the difference between her and Bush-hugging McCain is much smaller than the growing gulf between her and solid Democrats along with all fair minded Americans.

I'm beginning to believe that she would gladly divide the Democratic Party in order to facilitate a future run for power. That would be risking a dangerous and disastrous GOP presidency for the nation. I also believe a third party run is possible for the same reason but I wouldn't be surprised if they are actually calculating their chances for a just barely squeaked out independent win in November.

Hillary's campaign has embraced the concept of 'the end justifies the means'. That's another Noecon/Rovian principle that caused us to run away from the war on those who attacked us and the promises we made to Afghanistan which landed us in preemptive war and a misguided nation building occupation in Iraq. She participated in that type of hazardous thinking when she voted for the Iraq war and when she voted to give Bush the excuse from Congress he needed to ' Shock and Awe' Iran. She is now demonstrating that she continues to embrace risky 'end justifies the means' method of problem solving.

Jon Stewart calls Hillary a dirty dirty little whore
( I'm uncomfortable with, and I apologize for the far less than flattering pictures of Hillary in this video but I'm including it to show that these sorts of things have been said before by those on the left. Much worse has been said by the vast right wing conspiracy.)
Guess who's being called a whore in this one.
Keith Olbermann Special comment - Petraeus pimped

Hillary Clinton is making it very hard to stand by my words below; even if I were to wear a clothes pin.

Anyone who refuses to work for the Democratic nominee or vote in the general election because they didn’t get the person of their choice is 'nuts' because they would be flirting with keeping the White house in the inept hands of the Republicans along with possibly allowing them more seats in Congress and more endless war.

Randi Rhodes: Medea Benjamin - Hillary has the best goons

more from the brave super patriotic women from CODE PINK...

Hillary Clinton's views on going to war, Saddam and WMD

"from my experience and perspective"
Hillary Clinton

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