Wednesday, April 02, 2008

China does not deserve an Olympic celebration

If you care about human rights it's very plain that the Olympics in China must be boycotted at the very least the opening ceremonies. Also, the money you save buying China imports is money that's being used to fund the Chinese army and police who are the arm of injustice in China. There's a direct link between US trade policy, the American consumer and human rights violations in China, Tibet and Myanmar (Burma). The money you spend on Chinese products highlights an indifference to the plight of our fellow human beings who are also loved children of God.

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April 4, 2008
Exclusive: Chinese police kill eight after opening fire on monks and Tibet protesters
Bill Clinton, China linked via his foundation
A firm that has donated to the president's charity is accused of collaborating with the government in its crackdown on Tibetan activists. Hillary Clinton has spoken out against China's actions.
By Stephen Braun, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer April 13, 2008,0,499290.story

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