Thursday, April 17, 2008

Barack Obama, Right Choice for America!!!

I have said that I was beginning to believe that Clinton would gladly divide the Democratic Party in order to facilitate a future run for power or possibly that they were actually calculating their chances for a just barely squeaked out independent win in November.

Obama says debate focused on 'gotcha' not policy issues

from Countdown...

Well the big news out of last nights ABC mugging of Obama is that Hillary emphatically believes that Barack Obama can win the Presidency. She also stated that she would work hard for the candidate winning the nomination. That would appear to put a halt to any thought of an independent ticket, unless she 'MISSPOKE', again.

She also came out of the closet as a much bigger hawk on Iran than was previously noticed. Hillary, who was in a position to know better willingly voted for the Iraq war and never accepted responsibility for that vote in addition to giving the Bushies and their Neocons the Iran 'terrorism vote' which will give them the authority as they see it to 'shock and awe' Iran.

I've been outrageously angry with the Clinton campaign because of her Rovian politics steeped in lies and innuendo. It's the same style of conducting herself that we have been decrying throughout the long dark Neocon-absorbed Cheney/Bush years. The difference between her and Bush-hugging McCain is much smaller than the growing gulf between her, solid Democrats and all fair minded Americans.

Senator Clinton Became What She Beheld: The Right Wing Slime Attack Machine
by Mark Karlin
Editor and Publisher
April 20, 2008
Clinton campaign gets new conservative nod

Obama Responds to McCain and Clinton attacks
Don't think Hillary is fighting dirty just for herself, because she is also a surragate for the Democratic Leadership Council. The globalist Republican-like DLC will be in the back seat of the Democratic Party when Obama rightly claims the nomination for president. They can't let that happen and they will do anything to stop it including destroying the party and all who stand in their way.
Clinton Slams Democratic Activists At Private Fundraiser
Hillary, Bill and their campaign have sadly embraced the concept of 'the end justifies the means'. That's another Noecon/Rovian principle that caused us to run away from the war on those who attacked us and the promises we made to Afghanistan which landed us in preemptive war and a misguided nation building occupation in Iraq. She participated in that type of hazardous thinking when she voted for the Iraq war and when she voted to give Bush the excuse from Congress he needed to launch a risky ill-advised pre-emptive attack on Iran.

She has been demonstrating that she continues to embrace risky 'end justifies the means' method of problem solving.

On Iran, Hillary Clinton sounds just like Bush and Cheney

Much to worry about an ill-advised attack on Iran!!!
Bush & the Neocons are the real threat of starting WWIII
Once again, Hillary Clinton is making it very hard to stand by my words below; even if I were to wear a clothes pin.

Anyone who refuses to work for the Democratic nominee or vote in the general election because they didn’t get the person of their choice is 'nuts' because they would be flirting with keeping the White house in the inept hands of the Republicans along with possibly allowing them more seats in Congress.

Wrong 'democrat' wrong time.

However, Barack Obama handles all this with class and intelligence.

Barack Obama at Penn State University

Barack Loves the USA!!!

This morning meet the press held another Obama mugging and among all the other BS ,mister 'the Iraq war is a good idea' brooks, accused him of not being inspiring the last few weeks and is acting like just another liberal politician. All those who want to destroy any hope the American people feel and would prefer to keep things just the way they are in Washington will never be happy letting a person of sincere motives rise to the top.

Barack Obama in Philadelphia

Obama - Good for America!!!

also from super patriot Steven Colbert... well done ABC...some time with Hillary the pretender...and a surprise visit.

she pretended to be the one able to do the job

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