Saturday, July 05, 2008

Obey the blue dogs

I recieved this video in an email this morning from Pax Christi USA, which is also gearing up against any Iran war.

I posted this on Raw Story, Think Progress and it's waiting approval on the Huffington Post, which, I'm afraid, means no one will see it there, but it needs to be.

From one idiot liberal to another this is a must see from Rep. Obey!!!

Marine Mom and Rep. Obey. We Share your frustration

( the other videos and this Blog do not go together-sorry but like Pax Christi I felt it was to important not to see.)

No wonder we're never leaving Iraq with these Bush collaborators in charge.

H.R.2642 (obey Obey and know the bill)
Senate Overwhelmingly Approves Bill to Fund Iraq War Until Mid-2009

The Iraq Supplemental: A Three-Ring Circus
Barack Obama and his stance on Iraq

Obama's first priority: End the war

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