Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Guns and Jesus and bombs and torture and fascism

The choice of Sarah Palin is very upsetting to the future of our nation. I originally thought she was just a bone thrown to the evangelical right, who was expected only to attend funerals and dinners, without much expected of her beyond that. If the occasion arose for her to take the reigns of the executive branch the Neoconservatives would be pulling her strings. After hearing as much of her acceptance speech as I could stand it's not hard to realize that she has another asset; Palin can deliver fighting words just as well as our current president Bush. Elect McCain and we have another puppet prepared Bush-like personality for the fascist-leaning Neocons to exploit, should that unfortunate situation arise.

Her husband is a member of the Alaska Independence Party - a group of successionists who believe Alaska shouldn't be a part of the United States; that they should be their own country. Here is an address Gov. Palin made in support of this groups goals...

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