Friday, January 02, 2009

Hope in '09

I miss my garden.

It won't stop snowing. We had about 5' in the latter half of December.

I'm glad the local paper put this article on the front page...

Elderly, infirm face extra challenge

I hate using the fear word but its going to be prominent in ’08. Fear of Iran, Al Qaeda, terrorists everywhere among us, immigrant hordes, liberals and worst of all taxes.

I have hope that none of it will work;
Hope that the best Democrat will win the nomination;
Hope that this Democrat will be president;
Hope that war crimes will be on the road to justice;
Hope that the fascist threat from the right-wing will be left in the dustbin of history.

That's what I wrote last New Years Eve. A whole lot of the hopes are on the road to working out, I hope.

We heard more fear mongering than what I thought was possible in this country. The economic turmoil and concern over Middle East violence spreading to something much larger are two legitimate areas to be scared about.

The election went well.

There's a lot of doubt over justice and what will become of the fascist wannabes

I never saw a time ahead of such troublesome uncertainty. (I was,too, young to remember the Cuban Missile Crisis. Although, I recall my 6 year old mind imagined soldiers running at our school.)

I wrote this pie-in-the-sky statement concerning foreign policy; 'The hope of Obama is diplomacy. The hope of diplomacy is people putting aside past grievances, many of which are horrendously terrible and heart wrenching, in favor of mutual cooperation, security and growth'.

What are we facing at home over the next year? What will 2009 bring to the people of America? What will it mean for the world?

I don't know what to say about this year we're all headed in to. I know we all talk about hope and embrace hope, whatever hope means to its' holder.

It's good to have hope when heading into interesting times. I just hope it's a healthy hope about having things move in the right (liberal) direction rather than all problems being solved soon.


At least we're getting rid of this guy.

and getting this guy...


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