Friday, January 30, 2009

What do Marxism and Reaganomics have in common ?

neither works

Terrified That Barack Obama Will Bring Socialism!

I've never read Marx and I don't intend to take time away from all the stuff I should be reading to trouble myself with another nut. Although, I've been looking through quotes. I couldn't help but get the feeling he had a fanatical religious devotion to his own idea of communism. I wonder if his disciples view him in a Roman-like deity way.

I was looking for a statement about socialism being an interim step to Marxism.

I left the Air Force in '84, after being in the Philippines for three years. It was amazing how many changes there were in the US during that time. One of those things was cable television. Among other channels there was CNN and CSPAN.

Ever since I got back I've heard, from conservatives, that Karl Marx said creeping socialism will lead a nation to communism. Now, maybe there is a direct quote, or maybe they made it up, or maybe a good reading would lead to that conclusion. What has always boggled my mind is why the right-wing can take the words of a discredited theory, one they hold in contempt, but, treat this one speculation of Marx as gospel. Could it be that they want to use their favorite weapon of fear to scare people away from accepting any social advancement, especially if it mandates corporate responsibility or interferes with exorbitant profits.

Obama socialist attack is really about welfare/race-baiting

I keep hearing that we are already socialist because we have taxes. If that were all there was to it wouldn't that, also, make feudal society socialist? I seriously doubt if the average FOX/Rush adherents have any idea what it is. They've been told it's baaaaad and that's good enough.

Socialism is when production and distribution ( conservative favorite Wallmart could be a good example of how that might be carried out) are controlled by the government or, simply, when business is owned by them. That occurred in the United States under Bush's conservative, trickle- down-Reaganomic watch, with the 'Bail-Out Bill'.

Bush speaks on bailout

Unfettered negligent free market cultists led to this economic crisis we are all facing now. The GOP are dominated by it's worshipers. Anything less than pure doctrinal loyalty is, in their paranoid selfish eyes, socialism.

Obama slams Wall Street bonuses and talks Superbowl

Capitalism works.

Wise, thoughtful regulation is necessary to protect from it's potentially dangerous excesses as is the ability for employees to organize.

Trade laws need to be geared to prevent them from carrying their more destructive and egregious errors around the globe.

Tax cuts, windfall profits and otherwise must be geared to business self-improvements and personnel.

The unpatriotic practice of devising clever ideas to avoid paying taxes to the country, they claim allegiance to, must be stopped.

We can do better.

We don't have to resign ourselves to being robbed.

Sen. Claire McCaskill - Patriot


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