Thursday, April 23, 2009

Torture - The Spokane Connection

Well, my ribs are healing and my shoulder pain isn't because it's busted up; no, I have arthritis. The heck with it. I'm doing all the things I used to do. I was about to go nuts just resting.

Amy Goodman was just down the road a piece at our local PBS station. She discussed Spokane's unfortunate connection to torture.

Torture brings sadness and shame to Spokane
Before President Obama made his position clear on investigating and prosecuting torture, I would have given him a low grade for his first 100 days. I'm very glad he clarified his position in favor of human rights.

The whole story must come out. Those who were responsible and participated must be prosecuted. In the meantime there are medical and legal professionals who should lose their license to practice.

Sheppard Smith spoke out, somewhat courageously considering he works at FOX propaganda network, against these policies, that are clearly torture.

Sometimes the 'F word' is the most appropriate word...

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