Wednesday, May 06, 2009

A Few Bad Apples

We conducted the unjust relocation called the 'Trail of Tears'. The only price paid was a president's image on the twenty dollar bill. We continued to make this crime all the way to the 'Japanese Internment'. No serious price was paid. Even though it's looked back on by many as a shameful embarrassment there are those who still consider mass relocations as valuable. That's why a thorough investigation, prosecutions, legal precedence and legislation must be conducted regarding mistreatment and torture of those in US custody.

A Guide to the Memos on Torture

Torture Memo

The Secret Red Cross Torture Report

Rachael Maddow - Torture invented

I wrote these familiar words of mine as a letter to the editor in the Spokesman Review of the Inland Northwest. It was printed last May 1st...

When we became a nation that embarked down the sinister path toward torture, we became less. Great shame was brought on us because of this hideous practice. It is and always has been evil, unconstitutional, immoral and a completely un-American exercise in shame. Those who have welcomed this unreliable filth have disgraced our flag, our ancestors' sacrifices and the dust of their bones.

Once we believe that torture is okay, that we're still pure, clean and good for having accepted it, we open ourselves up to many evil embraced horrors of our own making. It's adherents already believe in pre-emptive war and collateral damage without a conscience thought of the results.

How long before they embrace it as domestic policy? One not only used against a suspect but also, as in Iraq, inflicted on any family members or friends who may have desired information.

Torture, a well documented war crime, is evil everywhere it's practiced. It must never be used for information, punishment, intimidation or for any of the other screwy reasons governments or 'freedom fighters' deploy it.

All those, traitors to ‘mom, apple pie and the American way’, should be prosecuted, regardless of to whom it may lead.

Rachael Maddow - tortured logic

I know I must always speak out against these truly creepy people and their satanic ways. I used that word 'satanic' to poke the chest of so-called 'pro-torture christians'. They don't seem to realize their pro-cruelty position is an apologetic argument supporting the unjust way Jesus was abused by the ancient Romans. (we open ourselves up to many evil embraced horrors of our own making)

CSPAN Torture open lines...


US interrogators may have killed dozens, human rights researcher and rights group say



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Here's a letter to the editor that was printed yesterday. Just another guy regurgitating statements from the radio and FOX he doesn't understand.

Interrogation fully justified

Sorry, Mr. Wells and Ms. Frankel (letters, May 3), but in my opinion nothing we’ve done in terms of aggressive interrogation techniques rise to the level of torture as we know it. We waterboarded three high-level terror suspects...more...

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