Friday, May 22, 2009

Pres. Obama's remove the plank from our eye speech

Since my Air Force days in the Philippines I have been very concerned about human rights and our conduct throughout the world especially what is called 'third'.

Despite mine and my families health and financial needs, my top issues of importance is an end to torture and mistreatment of prisoners, no more extra ordinary renditions(disappearances), to bring 9-11 perpetrators to a proper justice and to reclaim our respect and dignity in the world.

I've longed to hear the words spoke by our president, yesterday.

President Obama: Our Security, Our Values

Bush/Cheney and cohorts should be tried for war crimes against the people of the United States and the world. I fear, to do nothing would be an affirmation, by neglecting justice, of the former presidents’ position on all the wrong doing he and his administration have conspired against the laws and values of our nation.

and Other Cruel, Inhuman or DegradingTreatment or Punishment

president has monarchal powers!?!
Radical conservativism isn't dead.

Something else for those who dare to embrace Christianity. Being an apologist for torture means you believe governments have the right to torture if they see a need. You've created justification for the Roman way of dealing with Christ.

Isn’t it just typical?

You’ve got the long haired guy who talks about peace and love.
“This sandal wearing self proclaimed ‘know all the secrets of
the universe’ genius” who even wants some kind of forgiveness
for our enemies, which we all know is just another word for amnesty for those who hate our freedom.

Liberals are always soft on those who wrong us. The worst part about this guy, who we all know doesn’t have a job, is he’s attracting the attention of our enemies. It’s traitorous, because he’s making us look like we’re not united, that we don’t support our leaders, and then that makes all these horrible people just fight harder and harder and harder. Why, because they think they can outlast us.

If that’s not giving aid and comfort to the enemy I don’t know what it is. He's a traitor!

You’re not stirring up trouble, you wouldn’t act like that guy, so what would you be doing?

Well………You would be cheering the freedom fighters. For the guy who stood against those who stood against God, who harassed your family, who rounded up people and locked them away, humiliated, tortured and murdered. He would be a hero for having the courage to stand against those who picked your leaders.

You would be screaming for……


Former interrogator rebukes Cheney

I would like to add that much more soul searching debate needs to be conducted over the fate of those, who cannot be tried because of torture, that we seem to be afraid to let lose.

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