Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Angry with Rachael Maddow !!!

I was very miffed at Rachael Maddow. The previous entry shows how darn near ecstatic I was over the president's speech.

Then I watched Rachael Maddow...

So I had to listen to the speech again, be less enthused and add the statement below to the previous posting.

I would like to add that much more soul searching debate needs to be conducted over the fate of those, who cannot be tried because of torture, that we seem to be afraid to let lose.

I'm wondering if Rachael may be wrong by suggesting that the Obama administration will manipulate law, unjustly, in order to keep some individuals locked up forever.

Is he avoiding having to discuss our inability to hold these people at this time?

It seems he may be leaving this up to the courts, out of his apparent deep respect for the separation of powers, to do the proper legal thing.

That's what I hope.

He deserves to hear from the whole human rights/constitution loving community, and everybody else, about just how unacceptable is the scenario described by Ms. Maddow.

In this area and others, where domestic and international crimes were broken.the Attorney General and especially Congress MUST stop fooling around and step up to their responsibilities.

Pressure needs to be placed in appropriate places and that is upon those whose job it is to oversee, investigate and prosecute.

I used to think he ended up with so much on his plate that God had to give him a platter,but recent events would indicate He stuck him with a whole buffet. He can't do it all and he shouldn't be catching all the hell; just his fair, rightly deserved portion.

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