Monday, October 19, 2009

fractured hip and the GOP economic disaster

I've been walking since the first of September. Hip and leg pain has been growing steadily ever since then. I've got a feeling this is just the way it's going to be or my 'poor old lady bones' are just going to be slow to mend. It's back to the doc tomorrow. I don't want to hear that hip replacement surgery is in my future. I wonder if all this has slowed by posting down to a near nonexistant crawl. I don't see how, though.

We need to remember when the collapse occurred. It was last September during the Bush administration before the nation ever picked it's next president. Obama inherited this GOP generated disaster. The following Bush speech should receive much more attention.

Home Ownership and President Bush setting the stage for economic collapse

Study: Bush administration blocked efforts to prevent housing crisis

What FDR did

Dow hits 10K


Give a Man a Job - 1933


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