Thursday, October 01, 2009

Consevatives cave to fear and lies

The little old lady, from the McCain rally in '08, who worried that Obama was an Arab, actually believed what she'd been told and was truly scared. She had been so flooded with lies she became terrified that the US would be taken over by terrorists, that her and her families lives would be at risk, and that America would cease to exist. I'm sure she loves and believes ,whether they be family, friends, radio and tv personalities or politicians, these horror stories they tell her. There are thousands just like her who are tricked into a state of fear. That is truly abuse and it's shameful.

Government lies, propaganda and war

Fear has been used to manipulate the American people on many issues, with Iraq and the Patriot Act being among the most notable. Reactionary right wing radio and FOX news had participated with the Bush government, corporate interests, and now the exiled conservatives in getting a message out benefiting them, without regard to what's best for the United States. This is what propaganda is. It's illegal in this country. It's also why Rush, Sean and the rest of hate radio and FOX news are guilty of crimes against the American people along with complacency in war crimes.

Allied Radio - A Good Day for the Media

Caving into fear is understandable; when all you want is security. As long as you can have your lifestyle and be comfortable in your homes and feel nice and safe until you die you’re willing to have ‘Big Brother’ take care of you from ‘cradle to grave’. ‘From cradle to grave’ your willing to sell out your children’s and grand children’s future liberty and climate in order ‘to keep things just the way they are’, to feel secure in your finances and lifestyle.

You’re willing to give up freely what others, who came before you, worked, suffered and died for. Why, because you’re afraid of the boogie man from the Middle East who has the strange religion and frightening ways. So scared, that calling the president a Muslim seems like a fitting insult and cause for anxiety. You’re willing to throw it all away because of fear mixed with a healthy dose of willful ignorance and a smattering of hate. No amount of evidence can convince you seriously misguided adherents of anything FOX and Limbaugh that you are willing victims of propaganda and lies.

You’re, too, voluntarily blind to see you are denying your faithfulness to what you so proudly proclaim as God and country. You are swept up by the passion of conflict and follow along aimlessly. Duped by your own pigheaded ignorance and fear of going against what seems popular with your peers you halt any contrary questions you may have floating around in your conscience.

The whole idea, embraced by the right, that many of us, who don't succumb to their warped ideology and fears, aren't real Americans and are the enemy within is dangerously threatening to our nation. Fear and suspicion of anyone 'not like us' has been catastrophic in every country it has existed in and is equally cataclysmic here. For the party that claims to be the 'America-first crowd' this is an extremely irresponsible tactic to the well being of the ideals of our country.

You’re allowing yourselves to be taken advantage of by those who would desire to see your freedoms lessened for their own lustful purposes.

The Nexus f Politics and Terror - 2009 edition

True political correctness exist within the ‘you’re either with us or against us’ right wing of the conservative end of the Republican Party. Qualifications matter little to this group compared to strict party loyalty down to accepting every single party principle of the moment. It is not possible to say something is, for example, truly blue when party loyalty demands it to be red.
Just a few of the many examples…
(I could have come up with many more)

Al Qaeda was in Iraq.
Iraq had weapons of mass destruction
Iraq was a danger to the U.S.
Iraq would cause mushrooms clouds to be on our shores
Iraq snuck out all its weapons
Iraq wouldn’t let in the weapons inspectors
Iraq is better off now
Women are freer in Iraq now
Women are freer in Afghanistan now
The press only shows the bad in the war
Reagan ended the Cold War
God is on our side
We are a Christian nation
Bush is right
To criticize Bush is un-American
To criticize Cheney is un-American
To criticize Rove is un-American
To criticize Rumsfeld was/is un-American
To criticize Rice is un-American
To criticize Gonzales is un-American
To criticize any of them is un-American
Rush is always right
Savage is always right
Hannity is always right
Beck is always right
Fox and Friends is always right
Fox is always right
The far right is always right
The Second Amendment is about private gun ownership
Taxes are always bad
Government is always bad
White people are discriminated against
White men are discriminated against
Anything good in this world came from white men
Evolution is wrong
Science can’t be trusted
Global warming is a myth
Global warming is natural
Global warming is caused by the sun
Liberals/Environmentalists/Feminists/homeless/human rights defenders/etc…. hate America
Liberals/Environmentalists/Feminists/homeless/human rights defenders/etc…. hate God
Liberals/Environmentalists/Feminists/homeless/human rights defenders/etc…. are Nazis
Liberals/Environmentalists/Feminists/homeless/human rights defenders/etc…. are Communists
Liberals/Environmentalists/Feminists/homeless/human rights defenders/etc….are evil
Liberals/Environmentalists/Feminists/homeless/human rights defenders/etc….are less than human
President Obama is a Muslim
President Obama is a terrorist
President Obama was not born here
President Obama is a socialist
President Obama is a communist
President Obama is a fascist
President Obama is a racist
President Obama hates America
President Obama hates white people
President Obama is destroying America
That socialism, communism and fascism are the same thing
That there is no racism or prejudice among teabaggers
That Democrats are the rasist ones
That the flood of Southern conservatives to the GOP had nothing to do with civil rights
That the pending health bill funds abortion
That the pending health bill includes illegal aliens
That the pending health bill is about government take over of health services
That the pending health bill contains death panels
That insurance company profits are reasonable
President Obama wants to indoctrinate our children
President Obama wants to form an army of 'brown shirts' from our children
That census workers are evil
That census workers are using GPS to identify Republicans and Christians for
a United Nation army
bizarre... bizarre... bizarre...

The far right big conservative mucky mucks must be amazed that every lie and distortion they fling against the wall sticks. They must be overcome with giddiness, and contempt for their malleable base that is so easy to fool.

When I hear things like socialism, fascism and communism are all the same thing, I'm, witnessing gullibility wrapped up in ignorance with a dizzying level of intellectual laziness. Among those right wingers, who know better, spreading this falsehood is a successful effort to rip fascism of it's meaning.

You good Republicans need to develop the courage to see the truth because these monsters are destroying you from within and along with you they’re dragging the whole nation into disgrace. These are not your fathers Republicans they’re essentially fascists and devastation is their mistress.

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