Monday, December 15, 2008

Another embarrassing moment for the US courtesy of 'W'

Shoe Thrown at Bush in Iraq

Iraqis Pick Up Their Shoes: Reaction From Around the Country

The American public was first introduced to the concept of the bottom of the shoe being an insult during the staged toppling of the Saddam Hussein statue. I guess it's a way of saying you're lower than the dirt on the bottom of my shoe. I wonder if this incident will be occasionally adopted by our citizens towards politicians by showing the bottom of our footwear or will heckling and the one finger salute continue to dominate? Flinging a shoe would be considered assault especially if it involved a steel-toed work boot.

We should be angered and insulted at such a demeaning act being done to our president as an act of disrespect for America. But that's not what happened. This man's act of civil disobedience tickled everyone to the left of the conservative right. Not just here, but, across the world.

Remember when, Hugo Chávez, the democratically elected president of Venezuela made this comment in front of the UN, while insulting to everyone here since it was made on our soil, is no great surprise either, "Yesterday, the devil came to the UN, and today, it still smells of sulfur and Bush". Conservatives were outraged, but, what should have been shocking to us were the giggling, laughter, and applause, not just in the UN but globally.


These two incidents along with the many protests everywhere he goes, at home and wold-wide, point a bright shining light on how the president and his neoconservative administration are viewed around the world. Much more than half the Americans, while not seeing him as literally the ‘devil’, do see the immorality of the way he conducts much of our nations business overseas and at home.

Why is it so often, for so many leaders around the world, advantageous at home and around their regions to knock Bush (and America, because of the way they’re running it)?

This is why I believe the large crowds Obama had in Europe and the huge turnout at his rallies at home would be comparable if Hillary, Richardson, or any of the other Dems won the nomination and election. The Bushies have led this country in such an appalling way that everyone embraces the hope that changes away from the Neoconservative method of running government (into the ground) will bring at home and around the world.

For his part at home Bush is trying to change regulations to fit the radical conservative agenda in such a way that will make it difficult for President Obama to undo.

At the Last Minute, a Raft of Rules

Republicans aren't trying to help fix the economy at this time either. It seems as though they are trying to exacerbate every problem they've left for the nation in an attempt to make Obama look bad when he takes office. The right wing propaganda merchants on the radio, FOX and elsewhere will then badger him the whole way with fabrication and lies while the Senate Republicans filibuster (block) everything they don't like.

I read somewhere today that it might be time to use former Sen. Frist's nuclear option.

The Senate Republicans, forever loyal to all things Bush, are the fly in the ointment. They have blocked/filibustered every single thing that has come before the Senate that doesn't survive their inquisition. The, up or down vote crowd, has used this method of killing Senatorial business more than it's combined use through out it's history.

This maneuver goes something like this hypothetical example....

Let's say there is a bill that has swept through the House with broad bi-partisan approval such as, a needed improvement in prenatal and natal care through the WICK program.

Conservatives in the Senate, the Administration and those who influence them find objection to not only 'robbing the tax payer to help irresponsible women', but it became noticeable that the bill contained a provision for regulating the baby food industry in order to insure the high quality of their product, not only domestically but international sales as well.

Both sides jaw about the pros and cons of the bill when it finally comes time for someone to invoke cloture. Cloture means it's time to stop talking about the bill, set time for final debate then vote. It takes sixty votes to stop debate (cloture). The Republicans have more than enough votes, even with a few honorable defections, to block every vote in the Senate and they have used it without mercy or pity.

What's the nuclear option? It only takes a simple majority to change the rules of the Senate. They can easily change the number of votes needed to pass cloture. It hasn't been a popular thing to do, but, if the Senate Republicans are going to do nothing but block everthing Obama tries to do for the US it may be time to play that card.

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