Friday, December 12, 2008

How stupid can you get?

I know I'm late about putting this guy in the BLOG. I was raised in down-state Illinois where Chicago has always had a bad reputation. Although, that's typical for people on the opposite end of a state with a large city. We lived there for three years and found Chicago land to be cool. Except for the gangs which were spreading out into the neighboring communities at a furious pace. We also lived on the Mississippi Gulf Coast for 5 years and found that place, all the way into Louisiana, to be very crooked. At the time there were several big scandals going on including the murder of a judge and his council woman wife.

Illinois Gov. charged with 'selling' Obama Senate seat

A lot of people, vets and liberals or maybe just me, wanted to see Tammy Duckworth in that Senate seat.

If this is anywhere near true, and it sure seems to be, we should all be angry about it. Tammy or other deserving Democrats would not stand a chance. All we would be getting is someone who already sold their soul.

I agree that the timing is funky but if BofA was privy to a classified law enforcement investigation, that in itself requires a detailed look into why.

But it in no way sanctions the governors alleged activity. He deserves his day in court, but, you all must realize, if true, then he was damaging Democrats most of all. The number one choice of the incoming Obama administration was cast aside in favor of finding someone corrupt. If I was lobbying for a Senate candidate I would be very upset at the way the governor was conducting business. There's many who would have let the crime be known to law enforcement including the Obama team.

I really don't understand those who would defend their own party member when wrong-doing is discovered. They should be first in line to hang their butts up in a sling. Because, it always hurts the political party that person is in. For example, the Republicans should have been hopping mad at Senator Stevens because he cost the GOP what would have been a secure Senate seat.

Rachel maddow - The Infinite Sadness of Gov. Rod Blagojevich


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