Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Dear Representative McMorris Rodgers,

I would like you to vote for the resolution against escalation of military involvement in Iraq. There is a multifaceted civil war going on there now. Our troops have no business being stuck in the middle of this. What's needed now is diplomacy and reconciliation.
Also I would like to mention that Iranian military involvement in Iraq is questionable. Saudi Arabian civilian influence in Iraq, in the form of millions of 'dollars' to the Sunnis, is unquestionable.Turkey, Iran, Syria and Saudi Arabia are all picking sides and our troops are mistakenly stuck in the middle.

Those of us who were against this war from the beginning warned of all the situations we now face. We were right. We were called unAmerican and traitors. We were not listened to and now were in an incredible mess.Listen to us now. Don't follow those leaders in your party who have developed a track record of lies, deceptions, distortions and ineptitude.

Vote for the resolution against escalation.

Ken Wells

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