Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Republicans making it worse.

I’ve been listening to the debate in the House on the resolution against escalation in Iraq. The conservatives are sounding very scary. They are allowing their hidden ugly side to be fully exposed for the entire world to see. Once again they’re using; they’re going to come and kill us all fear tactics. And as usual with them anyone who dissents is siding with the Jihadists, dividing America and emboldening the enemy who want to come into each and every one of our homes and brutally kill each and every one of us and destroy Christianity and Democracy forever if we don’t do what the war president decider in chief wants us to. If we’re not careful terrorists will be behind every tree.

Republicans are claiming that it’s about fighting all of radical conservative fundamentalist Islam. The grand fight against Islamofascism. Oh, they’ve dropped that incorrect expression for the time being in favor of ‘Jihadist’. I’ve heard them use the term ‘Jihadists’ several dozen times already for the last couple of days but is definitely the talking point word dujour for this debate. They are proclaiming we are engaged in a war against all Jihadists.

Well, all good Muslims participate in Jihad. It is a spiritual battle against evil. It’s a battle against the evil that’s within ones self. A battle they share with many other faiths including Judaism and Christianity. It’s true they believe, as many Christians do, that one day the world should be of one united faith;....theirs. It’s also true that there are groups with a radical fundamentalist mindset within all three groups that believe war is necessary to achieve their goals. Which is why it is so important that the rest of us stress the absolute necessity of diplomacy, reconciliation and opposition to violent solutions of all stripes.

When the Republicans use the word Jihadists they are unwillingly or willingly proclaiming war on all of Islam. It’s true this debate may indeed create more enemies of the United States, but not because of Democrats publicly disagreeing with an erring arrogant president but because of Republican ignorance and fear mongering. Their, lets bring on the crusades ignorant, hate filled comments today will be seen as ugly throughout the world but I fear they will be seen as threatening to the Islamic world.

As usual the best neoconservative strategy is to take a bad situation and make it worse….a lot worse.

God bless the whole world……no exceptions.

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