Thursday, February 08, 2007

Global Warming

Literalist interpretation of selected parts of the bible may explain some of what is going on with the heretical religious right in regards to their not excepting global warming. While the neoconservatives are happy once again to use conservative fundamentalist misconceptions in their favor it does not explain their own hostility toward global warming.

Greed does.

Science gets in the way of unscrupulous corporations ability to pollute with impunity. All they have to do is create enough doubt and suspicion about scientific results to the Republican faithful to allow them to continue raping and pillaging the planet. Once again the ignorance of their followers works to their advantage.

How much respect can they have for the people who dutifully follow every lie and spin they feed them? Neoconservatives must see them as a bunch of malleable fools. Liberals can educate and protest and explain what this administration is up to but these people must develop the courage to open their eyes to the way they are being used. I have hope that one day the good Republicans will wake up to the knowledge of the way Fox news and conservative pundits in the media have been manipulating their emotions to suit their own selfish needs.

GreenPeace USA

Union of Concerned Scientist

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