Thursday, March 22, 2007

H.R.1591- phooey on Blue Dogs

H.R.1591 has some very good points, especially for the Gulf Coast and troop readiness but its biggest drawback is that it removes the U.S. out of Iraq at least one year too late. It also does nothing to prevent the president from making the same mistake in Iran that he made in Iraq.

I’m sure this will make it through the house. I will be surprised if the House version makes it through the Senate and shocked if the President doesn’t veto it.

The administration will not be getting its emergency supplemental for the Iraq occupation any time soon.

The battle is far from over and hope has not yet been exhausted.
Take Me Home----Arden Eaton
Barbara Lee Calls for Fully Funded Withdrawal from Iraq, Enforceable Timelines as House Panel Considers Emergency Iraq Spending Bill

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