Wednesday, March 28, 2007

S.965 - a few months better

If our presence in Iraq is futile or more destructive to them and us than our absence then we must leave.

S.965 - emergency supplemental appropriations

Like H.R. 1591, S.965 has some very good points, especially for rural and farm emergencies and troop readiness. It also moves the troops out of Iraq in little less than one year (March ’08) which is a little improvement over H.R. 1591. But, like the house bill it also does nothing to prevent the president from making the same mistake in Iran that he made in Iraq.

Senator Webb has a bill that would do just that which I would love to see added as an amendment. I’ve let my senators (Murray & Cantwell) know along with Senators Reid and Durbin. Taking funds away from a war with Iran would be a big improvement. We’ll see; I’m not holding my breath though.

United for Peace and Justice
Tell Your Senators TODAY: No More $ for War -- in Iraq OR Iran!

Senator Jim Webb Introduces Bill Prohibiting Use of Funds for Military Operations in Iran
An Administrations Legacy

End the Occupation
Restore Constitutional Order
No Iran War

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