Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Nothing to be Happy About with Scooter's Conviction

Well Scooter finished falling on the sword today. Every time I think I should be happy about justice having been served and that finally the Bushies are beginning to pay for their actions it gets tempered quickly because what they did had extreme consequences. Besides the hurt to the nation and the Wilson’s people paid with their lives from having an undercover CIA operation exposed. This was surely treason committed in an effort to stifle Bush administration critics. It’s about the lies that led to a bogus war in Iraq leading to thousands of deaths and injuries both theirs and ours.
If I Tell You a Lie---Blame Sally
Cheney should resign. He’s awfully stubborn so I don’t think he will but I suppose he could blame his heart for needing to step down. Investigations must continue with an eye toward impeachment of both the president and vice president. This must be done for the good of our nation even though I believe it would be a benefit to the neoconservatives to pick the person who would capture the Republican nomination by way of a vice presidential appointment.
Masters of War-Bob Dylan/Give Peace a Chance-John Lennon
The Democrats need to fight hard for the country by means of aggressive investigations, legislation and effective and influential telling of truth.

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