Thursday, November 08, 2007

Bringing Troops Home

Here we go again. Another attempt at doing what's right. Another opportunity for those opposed to doing what's right to block.


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House to Vote on Bill That Would Pay for War, Begin Bringing Troops Home
Nov 08, 2007 14:53 EST

Speaker Nancy Pelosi said the House will vote as early as Friday on legislation that would spend $50 billion on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan but require that President Bush start bringing troops home.
The money is about a quarter of the $196 billion requested by Bush. It would finance about four months of combat in Iraq, Pelosi told reporters on Thursday.

They knew ahead of time this was a bad idea.

When we made these same arguements before the current occupation of Iraq we were called un-American and traitors. We were right then and we are still right now about the warnings we are raising about an ill-advised attack on Iran.

Military Reporter Recalls Bush's Objections To Iraq Invasion On A Previous Veteran's Day
By Joe Strupp Published: November 12, 2007 1:00 PM ET
NEW YORK Sig Christenson, a founding member of Military Reporters and Editors who has worked five assignments in Iraq since the war began, reached back some 10 years for a Veteran's Day piece that noted President George Bush's early opposition to an Iraq invasion.
These guys all knew ahead of time what would happen when we invaded Iraq and they did it anyway. WHY?








Conservatives like to claim that the liberals are to blame for the problems in Iraq. Complete nonsense.

The Republicans were in charge;

when warnings about terrorism were ignored before 9/11,
when Afghanistan and the battle against the Taliban and Al Qaeda was abandoned,
when a war of choice against a country that was not an imminent threat was begun,
when a war in Iraq was begun based on lies,
when this ill-advised war was begun without a cultural understanding of the people,
when far too few troops were used for that illegal action in Iraq,
when lawlessness and looting were tolerated
,when the Iraq army was disbanded,
when troop armor and gear were kept sup-par for the mission,
when a forced vote was held too early before Sunni concerns were addressed,
when torture was allowed to become administration policy,
when illegal detentions became administration policy,
when spying on Americans became administration policy,
when support for war profiteers became administration policy,
when habeas corpus became something not available to all,
when posse comitatus became abandoned,
when spying on American citizens became an okay thing to do,
when a culture of corruption was allowed to flourish at home,
when congressional oversight was abandoned,
when doing the same failed thing over and over without success became the plan,
when our war dead became something to hide in shame,
when the injured military and their families were treated without proper care or respect,
when terrorism was allowed to grow world wide while claiming success,
when fear became a weapon of propaganda against the American people,
when failure became always someone else’s fault,
and when lies and propaganda became an acceptable substitute for truth when dealing with the public.

For these reasons and many more Iraq has become the losing mess it now is.

For these reasons and many more impeachment is well deserved for the Bush/Cheney cabal.

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