Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Iraq refugees - 4 million and counting

In addition to declaring we do not seek to have permanent bases in Iraq and redeploying the military forces we need to insure that the refugees are well taken care of. This administration and the military, outside of protection and support, have no business running refugee operations. This should be left up to the groups who have experience in these areas and have proven themselves capable. This is our mess. The Bush administration foolhardily got this ball rolling making us fiscally and morally responsible for the lives of these people.

Iraqs Refugees - 4,000,000 Displaced (U.N.)

Iraq's displaced people nightmare
Wednesday, 10 October 2007
By Magdi Abdelhadi BBC Arab affairs analyst

Growing Needs Amid Continuing Displacement

A humanitarian crisis of historic proportions

Refugees International
Iraq: The World's Fastest Growing Refugee Crisis

refugee crisis in Iraq

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Impact of Iraqi refugees on the region

Palestinians living in Iraq

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