Saturday, November 17, 2007

Torture disgraces us

I thought they decided not to print this but it was in the paper the next day after I faxed it to them. Somehow I just overlooked it.

Letters to the editor

Torture disgraces us
Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Waterboarding is torture.
Torture is and always has been evil. Information gained is unreliable and dangerous to the well-being of our troops. We hanged people in Nuremberg for the practices we carry out today.
You who accept this horrendous practice are too blind to see you are denying your faithfulness to what you so proudly proclaim as God and country. You are swept up by passion, following along aimlessly, duped by voluntary ignorance and fear of going against what seems popular with your peers, causing you to halt any questions you may have floating around in your conscience.
You're willing to throw away what others who came before you suffered and died for because of fear mixed with a healthy dose of ignorance and a smattering of hate for those who have the strange religion and frightening ways. No amount of evidence can convince you seriously misguided adherents of anything Bush that you are willing victims of propaganda and lies. You don't realize you have foolishly surrendered your loyalty to the USA to a man.
You people who have welcomed this filthy practice of torture have disgraced our flag, our ancestors' sacrifices and the dust of their bones.

Ken Wells - Spokane

The Spokesman Review
Once we believe that torture is okay, that we're still pure and clean and good for having accepted it, we open ourselves up to many evil embraced horrors of our own making. We already believe in pre-emptive war and collateral damage without a conscience thought, for even a moment of the results of our actions.
Nuremberg Trial Proceedings - Indictment: Count Three - WAR CRIMES
Collateral Damage

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