Friday, April 20, 2007


The illness gets in the way of posting. It interferes with the working of my poor little brain, hence the title of my Blog. Still struggling a bit but the fog seems to be slowly lifting now although it still doesn’t take much to get very confused and shut down. MS sucks.

A lot happened this week mostly sad. VT was all sad. Horrific negligence by the school leadership and the mental health professionals contributed greatly to this. Instant background checks are worthless without those suffering from severe mental illness being included. There should be a cooling off period on all guns but most importantly for handguns. The mentally ill are far more dangerous to themselves than to others but most are a danger to no one. In this era of keeping ourselves safe at all costs I worry about an extreme overreaction to the mentally ill; hurting rather than helping.

Mass shootings have become a strangely popular way for some individuals to go about that business of suicide. The corporate media has helped the glamorization of the shooter in the past but this time they all went way overboard. It’s irresponsibly dangerous but I guess they made a few more bucks off the thing. It’s not just the media but our government, especially the president and his misguided party, has set an example that problems are solved by the gun not by talking with those with whom you have a grievance. If you view them as evil kill them. Blow ‘em up real good.

Today is 4/20. We kept our son home today along with many other parents. 4/20 has some bad connotations with it; it has something to do with a police code for marijuana arrest; Hitler’s birthday and the anniversary of Columbine. It seems to have become a celebratory day among many Goth students and drug abusers and others. It’s just not a good day to have your kid in school especially after the events in Virginia Tech earlier this week. It’s all just too weird.

I would also like to add that the events that shook the nation to its core on Monday are an everyday event in Iraq. What kind of nightmares haunt these children not only in Iraq but in places like Darfur the Congo and so many others. We all can and must do better to address the causes of violence throughout the world. Stopping the gun trade both legal and illegal would be one good starting point but also researching and reporting on why this trade is so often the focal point of the way governments and multinational corporations seek to solve their problems.

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