Monday, April 09, 2007

Political correctness

Political correctness is more a comical myth among liberals than truth and where it does exists its about showing respect to those different than us.
But, it’s become a frightening reality among the growingly fascist right. It began as a reaction to the growing political strength of the civil rights movement in America. There was resistance in tolerance challenged - America when words such as ‘the N word’, colored and others of a demeaning nature became unacceptable. The term political correctness is an extreme reaction to the polite term of African American. This rising up of a great people exclaiming that they were in fact African and proud and that they were American and proud caught the ire of the conservatives and their ever growing population of ‘ditto heads’ leading them to belittle these people and others who also sought to show pride in their heritage. This was the root of the comical extrapolations of what was referred to as political correctness. Multiculturalism, our diversity, became a threat, as though we shouldn’t be proud of the broad melting pot that is our country. The deviants in the dark bowels of the Republican Party along with their media propagandists then decided to connect this notion of political correctness to issues of importance to the American people in order to belittle them also.
True political correctness exist within the ‘you’re either with us or against us’ right wing of the conservative end of the Republican Party. Qualifications matter little to this group compared to strict party loyalty down to accepting every single party principle of the moment. It is not possible to say something is, for example, truly blue when party loyalty demands it to be red.
Just a few of the many examples…

Al Qaeda was in Iraq.
Iraq had weapons of mass destruction
Iraq was a danger to the U.S.
Iraq would cause mushrooms clouds to be on our shores
Iraq snuck out all its weapons
Iraq wouldn’t let in the weapons inspectors
Iraq is better off now
Women are freer in Iraq now
Women are freer in Afghanistan now
The press only shows the bad in the war
Reagan ended the Cold War
God is on our side
We are a Christian nation
Bush is right
To criticize Bush is un-American
To criticize Cheney is un-American
To criticize Rove is un-American
To criticize Rumsfeld was/is un-American
To criticize Rice is un-American
To criticize Gonzales is un-American
To criticize any of them is un-American
Rush is always right
Hannity is always right
Savage is always right
The Second Amendment is about private gun ownership
Taxes are always bad
Government is always bad
White people are discriminated against
White men are discriminated against
Anything good in this world came from white men
Evolution is wrong
Science can’t be trusted
Global warming is a myth
Global warming is natural
Global warming is caused by the sun
Liberals/Environmentalists/Feminists/homeless/human rights defenders/etc…. hate America
Liberals/Environmentalists/Feminists/homeless/human rights defenders/etc…. hate Bush
Liberals/Environmentalists/Feminists/homeless/human rights defenders/etc…. hate God
Liberals/Environmentalists/Feminists/homeless/human rights defenders/etc…. are Nazis
Liberals/Environmentalists/Feminists/homeless/human rights defenders/etc…. are Communists
Liberals/Environmentalists/Feminists/homeless/human rights defenders/etc….are evil
Liberals/Environmentalists/Feminists/homeless/human rights defenders/etc….are less than human
Have You Been To Jail For Justice ?

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