Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Sam Seder is Air America

I always enjoyed talk radio. I think it started with open lines on a top 40 station, KXOK, on Sunday nights and slowly became more engrained thanks to Jim White at night on KMOX. It is a strong station that gave us the ability, after we moved south, to pick up Cardinal Baseball all the way down to our Biloxi backyard at night.

I always liked talk radio. The wide variety of opinions and topics caused me to be more critical of my own political, religious and social beliefs. For me it demonstrated a need to justify my beliefs by something more than a strong affirmation. While living down there I’m certain I most probably listened to Rush’s first show our at least within the first week.

He was somewhat humorous. It was interesting hearing the thinking from that dark, chilling side of the fence but there was balance. He was followed by a proper speaking well rounded liberal individual by the name of Michael Jackson.

Over the years all the well rounded individuals of a variety of opinions gradually disappeared to be replaced by an electromagnetic sea of lock stepping voices of a single ideology; repetitive, repetitive, repetitive.

The more bellicose are there to push the envelope, to bring the ‘base’ in an ever more dangerous direction. Constantly pushing them toward a cliff of capitulation they will never be able to back away from. Justification of beliefs now lies in an enthusiastic parroting of a selection of politically, economically and religiously acceptable conservative instilled truths; a right wing catechism teaching the foundations of a new fascism. They even gluttonously gobbled up most local talk.

Be Hope
Here in Spokane I was fortunate enough to discover the oasis of Bernie Ward and Ray Taliaferro on KGO in San Francisco at night.

Then entered Air America and all that finally having all day real liberal talk radio would bring. But now it seems it may be endangered by itself.

My email to Air America mismanagement.

I think it is interesting that there are no comments allowed on Mr. Green's statement to all of us yesterday.

Maybe you don't realize the amount of energy and loyalty Sam has showed this station over the years. Many times Air America was 'Sam Seder all the time' radio. He was always there for this concept of what Air America once was. Stabbing a loyal person in the back is always upsetting and it's always wrong.

Sam is not the only one being screwed we the loyal listeners are also being treated horribly. Many of us have been there from the beginning; some have gone so far as to support this station financially. None of us are being considered in this decision. As if all our years of loyalty don't matter.

We have watched the origanal daily hosts all slowly disappear. We were all very excited to hear all these voices say, over the air, things we have expressed ourselves or held deeply within our hearts. We all shared in our own way the ups and downs not only of the station but also of each individual personality we have all come to know.We have watched the inexperienced grow in both talent and knowledge.

We feel betrayed.

We watched Mark and Mike forced out. Chuck banished to a weekend end spot and Mark suffering a similar fate by being given only one hour in the wee morning hours; both being forced to the back of the bus. We're now left with only three, Mark, Randi and Racheal who we are all very worried about after your recent callous actions. This has also left us concerned about the weekend people Chuck, Mike and Bobby and Laura.

There's a lot more going on here than just a simple concern over listening to some show we may have grown accustomed to listening to. A lot more. You have failed to recognize that. We all welcomed you here and now we're feeling sorry, let down and deeply disappointed.

Nova M Radio
The Pacifica Foundation

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