Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Jail the Illegal Aliens

I found this poster. It's a 1924 KKK poster against Chinese immigration. Sounds kinda familiar! I think this speaks volumes all by itself.

The most extreme conservative opinion is to arrest them all and ship them south. Massive roundups of those that are ‘unacceptable’ have never worked well for those being arrested or for the country involved. We have recent horror stories from Cambodia and Nazi Germany and ourselves with the Japanese internment and the Trail of Tears both of which were a disgrace. Tearing apart families on our ‘liberty loving’ soil from south of our border would be comparatively disastrous.

These people our not from the far flung reaches of the world, they are our neighbors who share history with us. They are a part of who we are. Their poverty and status has been used against them for the benefit of unprincipled business interests for many generations now. It is immoral to use people then throw them away when they become inconvenient. Christian (isn't that the kind of country the religious right repeatedly say we have) kindness would dictate care and forgiveness for these people.
We need to protect the border as Democrats have been screaming about since 9-11 only to fall upon deaf administration ears.
Bring them into citizen ship in a manner that's just.

We need to have strict consistent punishment for all those who hire these people with the intent of misusing them for their own benefit. Strong penalties need to be given for all those who pay substandard wages.
Any corporation that moves south of the border must pay livable wages and conform to rational environmental controls or risk losing the ability to trade with the United States.

Any other solution based or cloaked on hate and paranoia is unacceptable.

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