Monday, April 23, 2007

Impeachment is necessary!!!

Another Earth Day held under hostage.

It doesn’t matter what your issue of importance is; to humanity or the environment it is not going anywhere under the neoconservative regime. Earth Day must be about resting political control from the right wing. The nation did well in ’06 but it must do much better in ’08 not only with the presidency but also with the Senate.

Impeachment is a necessary exercise for our democratic republic at this time. Whether the Republicans in the Senate want to support our nation or not should bare no consequence on the House doing the right thing. It is imperative for our representatives in the People’s House to support the Constitution and its Bill of Rights. To do nothing would be, by Congressional silence, an affirmation of the presidents’ position on all the wrong doing he and his administration have conspired against the laws and values of our nation. The president and the Republican congresses he possessed will go down in history as the worst ever. The Democrats will follow suit if by their inaction they go down as affirming, for future presidents, administrative branch excesses.

All these unconstitutional acts which amount to an attack on our cherished system of government are being done in the name of the Republican Party especially among the conservative wing. You good Republicans need to develop the courage to see the truth because these monsters are destroying you from within and along with you they’re dragging the whole nation into disgrace. These are not your fathers Republicans they’re essentially fascists and devastation is their mistress.

There is a long list of administration crimes against the people of the United States. If this president and his vice president have not committed crimes of high enough level to warrant impeachment is it possible for impeachment to ever be used except for an occasion of sexual misconduct?

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