Thursday, August 28, 2008

84,000, My Wife and I and the World


I was so happy with the speech and enthralled with the emotion of the historic moment. He touched on so many issues that were important to me. In fact I don't think he left anything out. At the moment I'm just sitting here kind of numb and overwhelmed only a few minutes after the end of the convention. The whole forth day was a pleasant change as was the fireworks after the speech.

I was very glad we watched the whole convention on CSPAN. There were no annoying pundits forced to give snap judgments or follow flawed suppositions in order to fill time and sell 'soap'. I got to hear the minor speakers and the music which was actually pretty good, at least for my age group.

I've got to get caught up so,back to the VP pick...

I was glad to see Barrack formally announce that Sen. Biden was his pick at the state capitol of my home state; Illinois.

I'm very happy with his pick. My wife and I have been CSPAN viewers, at times junkies, for a long time now. Sen Biden has long been, within a small group, of our more favorite Senators. Foreign policy matters have been my most important set of issues ever since the Bushies have drug our reputation, principles and military through the dirt. There is no one in the Congress of the United States who is more capable than Joe Biden in assisting our future president in turning around the, what I believe to be criminal, demolition of US interest at home and around the world.

Barrack Obama in Springfield, IL

Joe Biden in Springfield, IL


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