Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Hot Over Cold War

"I looked the man in the eye. I found him to be very straightforward and trustworthy….I was able to get a sense of his soul." —George W. Bush, after meeting Russian President Vladimir Putin

I'm very upset about the Cold War coming back with renewed vengeance. This nation made a huge expenditure in lives, diplomatic effort and capitol in overcoming the Soviet Union's many less than desirable aspects, through much 'hard work', fostering a cordial relationship with Russia. No longer did we have the dread of nuclear missiles as an everlasting presence hanging over our heads.

These dummies just had to go and intentionally mess it up! Does the thought of WWIII bring them mass orgasmic pleasure? Or, do they suffer from the deepest illusion of believing a nuclear war is winnable?

I can't help but feel it's the most dangerous time since the Cuban Missile Crisis, because not only do we not know what the Bush/Cheney Neocon absorbed administration will do, but because the rest of the world and Russia are also without definite assurances they won't do something stupid. This is just one reason why placing anti-ballistic missiles in my families ancestral home of Poland is a provocatively boneheaded move.

From the day the wall fell the more right wing extremist type of conservatives, especially the religious kind, have doubted that the Soviet Union ever went away. All this falling apart that they did was just a clever ruse to get us off guard so they could conquer us and the rest of the world more easily. I kid you not! I don't think there has ever been any real warming of relations among Republicans toward Russia and I can't help but think many still harbor dreams of glorious conquest.

It's par for the course for the Bushies to only speak to part of the truth and in this case it's about the trigger of current hostilities in Georgia. The Georgians, encouraged by the west (Bush/McCain maybe?), made the bold move, in a violent military manner, against the South Ossetians adding more turbulence to the long standing conflict.

The actions of Russia were similar to the one the Clinton administration took in defense of Kosovo, a good thing in principal, but dastardly in it's overblown attacks against Serbia. Israel reacted in an understandable way to the missile attacks on it's soil coming from terrorist elements of Hezbollah, entrenched in Southern Lebanon, but dastardly in it's overblown attacks on the weak democracy of Lebanon. Likewise, Russia was correct in stemming off Georgian aggression in the conflict torn South Ossetia, but dastardly in it's overblown attacks against the democracy of Georgia.

The only comparison to the invasion by the Soviet Union into Czechoslovakia would be the illegal invasion of Iraq by the Bush administration.

New UN standards, voted on by all member nations, must be put into place taking away any argument from overzealous nations that their actions are justifiable.

as far as our presidential election goes...

If Bush-hugging, policy-accepting McCain were to become elected tensions would only ratchet up. Obama would allow for an almost immediate cooling of tempers because all sides would know serious, honest, diplomacy would be back on the table along with re instituting long held treaties so foolishly thrown away by this president and his lock-step Republican Congress.

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