Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Obama looked presidential because he is!

While I was struggling not being here very often (
hanging in there--kinda sorta ) I completely left out Barack Obama's foreign policy trip across the Middle East and Europe. I kept up with it on the tube.

The huge welcoming crowds were refreshing, yes to the point of being goose-pimply . What was so exhilarating was the welcome for a return to the America of human rights and renewed international standing. The enormous cheering crowds would have been there if it were Clinton,Biden, Dodd or any of the other well qualified hopefuls to the highest office in the land. The world has been well aware of the damage that the fascist-leaning neocon-absorbed Bush administration has been doing to us and the security and well-being of a stable planet. That was the basis for their most welcome exuberance. It didn't hurt having someone gifted in language and intellect to highlight the gulf between the party of fear enabling warmongering and the Democratic party of those who seek a more hopeful way.

Here are some welcome moments of someone showing our better side and my personal gratitude that despite the last 7 1/2 years the world still has a fondness for Americans; that leaves welcome hope for the prospects of a better dialogue between nations.

Sen. Obama and fellow Senators engaged in (not quite media free, but definitely media light) fact finding, boots on the ground briefing, of Afghanistan and Iraq. During a respectful visit with one of our strong allies in the Middle East he held this news conference...

Barack Obama: Thoughts on Iraq and Afghanistan

Barack Obama at Yad Vashem, Israel

Barack Obama: Berlin

The Republicans, in desperation, like to throw a superstar mantel around Barack in order to attempt to equate him with Hollywood stars who right wing hate radio has been bashing for years.

The other angle they throw out is the anti-christ persona in an effort to attract sorely lacking religious right support. Conservative Evangelical fundamentalists have been expecting 'End Times' since the recreation of the state of Israel. This means they are expecting the return of anti-christ to kick in the period of tribulation then Armageddon, but conveniently proceeded by a time of Rapture where all who have said,"I'm Born Again", will be whisked away into Heaven in a twinkling of an eye.

When Fox and reactionary radio suggestively points to the messiah-like popularity of Obama in the world and how he speaks of peace in the Middle East and better diplomacy throughout the world it sends a huge red flag, to the easily gullable, that he just might be the anti-christ. You see they have had it drilled into they're heads from a false interpretation of Daniel and the Book of Revelations, among some of the other apocalyptic books, that the anti-christ spawn of evil will be someone who is charismatic and has a plan for peace in Israel. This in turn ushers in a one world government and religion which they don't have to worry about because if they're pre-trib they're gone; for post-trib believers it's another matter.

The easily gullible swallowers of all that's spilled into they're hypnotized brains from Fox pretend news and the talking point swillers of all that's fit for Rightist consumption will unquestionably believe all that they're told to, parroting it back with astonishing similarity.

They're voting block numbers worry me when coupled with the squishy middle, comfortable in they're apathy, who are more concerned with matters of material vanity or current gossip.

It's that squishy middle which has great potential of waking up as it so often has throughout history. It's the job of all of us to help them see. It's a great failing of Progressive ideology if because of our ineptitude or sufficient lack of effort that their eyes remain closed.

It's why liberalism has always been the stalwart guardian against authoritarianism and it's why liberals are so often it's first victims.
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