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Will Bush/Cheney/McCain and Putin bring back 'Duck and Cover' ? updated

Scary guy to be in charge right now!

The military excessiveness over South Ossetia is typical of many other wiggly can of worms in other areas of our shared habitat.

First, I would like to say that Georgia (and whoever else) were the instigators of this conflict. Russia appears to be operating in the best interest of the South Ossetia civilians, however like all strong arm powers they go overboard and shock and awe those who they view as the aggressors, regardless of civilian casualties, in order to intimidate.

Here's a group of people just wanting to be left to their own self-determination caught up in the middle of a super-power struggle bringing on another escalation in the Cold War.

Don't think for a moment that nukes aren't hanging over our heads again and vise-versa. I wonder if the Dooms day clock will be advanced.

People can be awfully dumb!

Duck and Cover

This reminds me of Bosnia and Kosovo, East Timor, Tibet and the arrest of one individual in Panama, among many other conflicts seemingly insignificant and largely unknown among the conscience thought of the distracted American mind.

Here are some valuable links explaining the situation...

Q&A: Violence in South Ossetia

Rebuke of a President, in the Boom of Artillery

'I've never heard anything so monstrous as people shelling a hospital'
Tom Parfitt travelled to Tskhinvali, in a trip organised by the Kremlin, to witness first hand the destruction caused by the battle for South Ossetia

Well, it appears the Russian Bear may be deciding to run it's way through all of Georgia. It's not anymore right than what we did in Iraq. If these conflicting reports are true they must stop and return to their own borders.

Surrender or else, Russia tells Georgia
Kremlin calls halt to offensive and dictates humiliating terms

Flying penis highlights Putin corruption.


Massive US Naval Armada Heads For Iran

SPECIAL REPORT: Kuwait Readying for War in Gulf?

War of words is well under way.
Cold War Propaganda Effects Of Radiation & Testing On Humans

Georgian defiance at 'ceasefire'

Georgian president to McCain: Move 'from words to deeds'
from the BBC with video...

US forces to deliver Georgia aid
the president's speech on the situation in Georgia

Russian military on the move

Angry residents in S Ossetian capital

In Split Role, McCain Adviser Is Sometimes a Lobbyist


Human Rights Watch: Russia inflating casualty figures

Why are they picking a fight with Russia? Is there some wild Neocon obssession left over from cold war days of taking down Russia? Is it all about oil as it always seems to boil down to with the oil soaked Bush administration? Or, are these guys just insane?

The root of the problem may be Iranian war infatuation and stupidity...

Bush says European defense against Iran missiles is needed urgently
The Associated Press

Published: October 23, 2007

Bush warns Russians against 'bullying'

Poland, US clinch missile shield deal

Russia: Poland risks attack due to U.S. missiles

I really don't want to go through this again...

Survial Under Atomic Attack 1950 propaganda film

President Bush - World War III

No Nukes ever again as an Instrument of War

A year of hope and fear

Much to worry about an ill-advised attack on Iran!!!
Georgia president signs cease-fire with Russia
A reluctant Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili said Friday he signed a cease-fire agreement with Russia and declared in the presence of the chief U.S. diplomat that the West had behaved in ways that invited the invasion.

I had a wild thought yesterday while drinking a beer in the garden in the back yard.

Could the Neocons have wanted this all along?

Could Iraq, and threatening Iran have really been all been about pushing Russia into confrontation?

Could this be what abandoning the ABM treaty, placing missile defense systems in eastern Europe, and Cheney shoving his finger into the Bears chest so frequently be about?

Wow, I hope this is all just a wild thought from the bottom of a beer can.
Bush/Cheney and Putin must listen to the voices of history and they must obey it's lessons. I fear bravado and power lust will be the horrible temptation they pay attention to.

If that's the case both sides deserve the stern judgment of history; if any.

I don’t believe that the big men, the politicians and the capitalists alone are guilty of the war. Oh, no, the little man is just as keen, otherwise the people of the world would have risen in revolt long ago! There is an urge and rage in people to destroy, to kill, to murder, and until all mankind, without exception, undergoes a great change, wars will be waged, everything that has been built up, cultivated and grown, will be destroyed and disfigured, after which mankind will have to begin all over again.
Anne Frank

“We must move past indecision to action. We must find new ways to speak for peace in Vietnam and for justice throughout the developing world, a world that borders on our doors. If we do not act, we shall surely be dragged down the long, dark, and shameful corridors of time reserved for those who possess power without compassion, might without morality, and strength without sight.”
Martin Luther King, Jr.

"NO TO WAR"! War is not always inevitable. It is always a defeat for humanity. International law, honest dialogue, solidarity between States, the noble exercise of diplomacy: these are methods worthy of individuals and nations in resolving their differences. I say this as I think of those who still place their trust in nuclear weapons and of the all-too-numerous conflicts which continue to hold hostage our brothers and sisters in humanity.....War is never just another means that one can choose to employ for settling differences between nations. As the Charter of the United Nations Organization and international law itself remind us, war cannot be decided upon, even when it is a matter of ensuring the common good, except as the very last option and in accordance with very strict conditions, without ignoring the consequences for the civilian population both during and after the military operations.

Pope John Paul II

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